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Communication is a vital mean of conveying our ideas and sharing our point of view. Communication plays a key role in building our confidence. Thus communication skills are very important to deliver our ideas and thoughts, and understand information, quickly. Good communication skills can serve a lot if use wisely.

For example, if a good presenter is also a good communicator, he would speak in an effective manner and thus can influence and persuade his audience very easily. Person with good communication skills can market well, thus can become a good businessman. Without effective communication problems like misunderstanding and frustration can occur. Usually people have great and innovative ideas, but they do not have strong approach on their communication skills and cannot express their point of view effectively and thus their ideas cannot attract people, because of these circumstances sometimes execution cannot reach their great ideas. On the other hand, having sufficient knowledge of communication skills will help us to deliver ideas, opinions and emotions with effectiveness and accuracy.

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This course of communication skills is very important in building our confidence. So by studying this course, I will be able to work in team, negotiate well and maintain my social bond. I will also be able to effectively convey my message, can easily express my thoughts and my point of view, and I will also be able to put myself in place of others and relate to their situations.

In this way this course will be helpful in my professional life when I will have to work in team and to cooperate with others. This course will also benefit me when my social circle will increase, by making me influence others by effective communication. Communication skills play an important role in building self-confidence and also groom us in maintaining a good personality. These skills also help in building leadership qualities.

Although whole course of communication skills is very important and interesting, but the concepts I liked the most are non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence. Decision making and problem solving are also very important. All communication skills somehow serve important role in our professional and personal life. Each one serves a unique role, for example, non-verbal communication is very important. While communicating with someone, our gestures, posture and body language are a complete message in their own. Emotional intelligence is also very important while dealing with a group of people, where everyone has his own point of view. Decision making and problem solving are also very important. On many occasions we need to make right decisions in a limited time. This course teaches us to take wise and beneficial decisions, as our decisions give direction to our life. This course is also helping us in developing our own opinion about every fact and figure.

In future, in my professional life, I am looking forward to benefit from this course, by utilizing all the ways of effective communication in my workplace. As I am studying engineering and engineers mostly have to do field work, where they have to work in teams and there, the concepts of communication skills like team work, problem solving, decision making and emotional intelligence can help me dealing with problems.

Case Study:

Momin was an intern at the law firm. He was given the internship for three months. His work was to assist advocates, interacting and communicating with their clients and to attend court sessions. In the very first week of Momin’s internship, after examining his habits closely, manager concluded that Momin lacked interpersonal skills, which resulted in the dissatisfaction of the clients.


1-Verbal communication:

Momin’s verbal communication skills were very poor. He found a lot of difficulty in sharing his opinions and conveying messages to his colleagues. He lacked professionalism. He could not convince his clients. Because of his poor interpersonal skills, clients were dissatisfied and they started approaching other advocates.

2-Non-verbal communication:

Like Momin’s verbal communication, his nonverbal communication skills also lacked miserably. His gestures were very inappropriate. He was also very poor in expressing his ideas due to inappropriate use of gestures with words. While attending meetings he sit in unprofessional manner with one leg up the other. His tone was sometimes rude and he also faced difficulty in making eye contact with other people while speaking.

3-Listening skills:

Momin was also poor in his listening skills. He never took proper notes while dealing with clients and on meetings. So he never fulfilled the demands of clients. He also did not listen to his seniors carefully, which the seniors consider as their insult.

4-Problem solving:

Whenever in meetings Momin was asked to give his opinions or suggestions about any problem. He was unable to give his ideas and opinions because he also lacked the skill of problem solving.

5-Decision making:

Momin also lacked this skill. He was unable to make right decision at the right time.


Momin’s communication skills need to be worked on. He needs to practice talking more with his seniors, colleagues and clients. To improve his verbal skills it is very important to build his confidence which can be done by improving his speaking skills. Also Momin’s non-verbal skills need to be focused on. He should practice of siting and walking in an appropriate manner. He should sit upright, should also make eye contacts to give an assuring look. To improve his listening skills he should pay his full attention and concentrate well on what people demands and what they say. By improving these skills Momin can improve his negotiation skills. With improvement in negotiation skills problem solving and decision making would be easy for him.


Thus we can conclude that interpersonal skills are very important for effective communication. Whole workplace is affected by ineffective communication. Thus it is very important for us to learn communication skills so that we can easily convey our message, express our feelings, give our point of view and can convince or persuade anyone.    


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