Essays on Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar’s Significant Impact On History

In studying Simon Bolivar, significantly, he changed history due to his important role in freeing South America from Spanish dominance. This was able to occur by him becoming involved in the resistance movement, which led him into playing a key role in the fight for independence. He was an incredible tactician resulting in being triumphant...
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The Liberator: Movie About Bolivar

The Liberator was released in 2013, directed by Alberto Arvelo and written by Timothy J. Sexton. The Liberator starred actor Edgar Ramirez to play the role of Bolivar, as well as Danny Huston, Maria Valverde, Imanol Arias, and Juana Acosta. The film is named after revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar, many refer to him as El...
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Simon Bolivar And Progress As A Hegemonic Idea In Latin America

Simon Bolivar After three centuries of colonial rule, independence came rather suddenly to most of Latin America. Napoleon, who led the Napoleonic wars, spread liberalism throughout Europe, and invaded Portugal for refusing to declare war on England. The Napoleonic occupation of Spain resulted in The Peninsular War, which caused Spanish Creoles to second guess their...
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