Simon Bolivar’s Significant Impact On History

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In studying Simon Bolivar, significantly, he changed history due to his important role in freeing South America from Spanish dominance. This was able to occur by him becoming involved in the resistance movement, which led him into playing a key role in the fight for independence. He was an incredible tactician resulting in being triumphant in many battles. Being part of a South American country himself, sanctioned him to witness the way Spain mistreated countries under ascendance.

Bolivar was a Venezuelan soldier who started a resistance movement against Spain to release Venezuela and many other countries such as Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia from their dominance. Bolívar served as president of Gran Colombia for over ten years and as dictator of Peru for three years. Simon Bolivar fought for the independence of Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador from the Spanish. He joined all six countries to make Gran Colombia. It had always been his goal to unite all of South America. Bolivar was an individual who traveled all over Europe. He met the German physicist Alexander von Humboldt in Paris, who had just returned from his trip through Hispanic America, and told Bolívar that he felt the Spanish colonies were ripe for independence. He noticed that the Spanish were significantly affluent due to tax and items that were taken from South American countries that were under ascendance, which resulted in him realizing that what the Spanish did was erroneous and inequitable, in that the Gran Colombia should be independent countries that were not under Spanish Domination. Simon had a hard time starting a movement against the Spanish. Individuals who stood against the Spanish were killed in front of people to show that whoever did not believe in the Spanish king would be executed. He made people optically discern all the lamentable things of being under Spanish ascendance, offering them a better life that would be achieved after independence.

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Simon Bolivar became a prominent figure of the resistance movement, a general who was then appointed as Gran Colombia’s president, this did not happen until a period had elapsed. He had a military that had a lot of ordinary people, including slaves, women, and men without any military training. Bolivar has been very good at persuading people to do what he wants. His army took many Spanish-dominated cities, which culminated in many Spanish soldiers being killed. Starting his resistance kineticism took a few years to commence getting people involved, there were just a few at first but gradually commenced to become a sizably voluminous army of average people that wanted a better life. Mostly by walking, his army went on a long journey, just a few by horse like the generals and other important leaders. By killing and constantly sending letters to their leader, they moved city to city liberating the citizens from the Spanish army around them. There have been a lot of fights traditionally resulting in the Spanish losing. South American countries were mostly very poor, mainly because they had to pay high taxes to the Spanish King, the people also did not enjoy the idea of having a lack of self-rule. Simon came from a wealthy family and he tried his best to convince people to fight against Spain and tell them that if they had no tax, they would also be prosperous. To convince the British people of their interest in the independence of the Spanish colonies, Bolívar wrote the greatest written work of his career: La Carta de Jamaica. It was published after a major military defeat in Venezuela during his self-imposed exile in Jamaica. Historians are unsure who was addressed with the letter, although they believe that the sender was the island’s English governor. Bolivar fought four hundred and seventy-two battles, where seventy-nine were important ones, three times more than Napoleon who was his great inspiration. Simon bolivar was generally known as a smart man.

Simon Bolivar was an incredibly clever tactician who did the unforeseen thing, every time he camped he made plans to attack the next city, he knew how to play a big game, even though all the other generals told him he was mistaken. In eighteen-nineteen, he marched his army over the Frigid Andes Mountains, assailing the Spanish Incipient Granada by surprise. The Spanish underestimated Bolivar’s tactics and never believed that his army could ever cross those prodigiously gelid mountains and capturing Bogota. Bolivar’s gambles which often seemed like madness to his soldiers paid off the big wins. Bolivar was a very patient man, yet he always wanted to get things done. He took awhile usually to plan to allow him to know when was the proper time and to think where he could come from. He could defeat units of the Spanish army using speed and surprise, and the populace grew to swell the ranks of the republicans. He also attracted the enemy by giving deserters amnesty, threatening to kill captured Spaniards. Although only occasionally performed, he believed that it was only by such a drastic measure that the Republicans could win and avoid the slaughter and plunder of Civilians that was inevitable if they lose. The Republican Army returned to Caracas on the seventh of August, where Bolivar was given dictatorial powers, even though half of Venezuela remained under the control of the crown, which had ten times the number of troops, which were, of course, much better equipped and trained. As a result of his actions, Bolivar was named commander-in-chief of the entire New Granada Army. He had to improvise tactics as he went along, finding European tactics that he had read in books in a land of vast mountain ranges, deep gorges, rivers running, vast plains, no roads, minimal ability to communicate over any distance, and a sparse population.

Although Simon Bolivar is known as a man who is significant in history he was known for having no trust in others. He didn’t cooperate with other people, constantly needed to be in order and never mulled over of things that different commanders said. Bolívar made Santander Vice-President of Gran Colombia, he was a general in his obstruction development. Santander turned into Bolivar’s most exceedingly awful foe because of the way that Santander accepted favored laws and majority rule government through Bolivar accepted that the new country required a solid hand while it developed. Bolivar needed to have all the power, he needed to be the one, in particular, that would be named after South America was free from Spanish mastery. Bolivar was ill-bred to anyone who had a point of view that was not the same as his, he just accomplished things his way this came about and Bolivar being detested by numerous people, and assassination attempts often happened not only by the Spanish as well as by his kin in the obstruction development that didn’t value being managed by him without having a voice. Bolivar was a womanizer who wanted to have a young lady at every one of his campgrounds, he constrained other spouses to submit infidelity. The vast majority of these ladies felt like they needed to accomplish every one of the things he stated because he had so a lot of intensity and could get their spouses on the off chance that he needed to. Simon betrayed one of Venezuela’s greatest leaders, Miranda. He was known as the general who attempted to kick-start the independence movement. Miranda fell out with Bolivar and he had him turned over to the Spanish, who locked him up in a prison and died a few days later. His betrayal of Miranda is probably the biggest stain on Bolívar’s revolutionary record.

Simon Bolivar was an inspirational individual who was known for having a significant impact on history. He is best known for his role in freeing Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru from Spanish Domination. Bolivar is considered a hero in South America because of his bravery, leadership, courage and confidence in fighting for independence. Simon started the resistance movement against Spain, he was the general who was then named the president of Gran Colombia which was the name of all the countries combined before they separated and created their names. He was a very smart man and incredible when it came to planning out tactics especially during battle, persuasion was another great skill that he had managed to convince thousands of people that the Spanish King was not doing South America any favors, and fighting against him was the proper thing to do. Many people were convinced no matter their sex, age, slaves, no military skill they all contributed and were accepted in the revolutionary army. Bolivar did what individuals did not do during this period, treating slaves like real people, not saying no to women, and accepting anyone willing to fight. Bolivar made tough decisions on the road to independence from Spain, he was called crazy on most of them, but they all ended up with victorious winnings. It has been evident that Simon Bolivar significantly impacted history due to his important role in freeing South America from Spanish dominance, and by the way he accomplished it.

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