Essays on Skin

Issues Of Black Skin People

These references given by Fanon make us sure that Blacks were very insecure about their position and identity in the society that’s the reason they wanted to get married to a white person so as to get rid of their race and can experience the same power and superiority like whites . The term hybridity...
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Skin Bleaching: Definition And It's Role In Modern Society

Colorism is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color. This social and economic construct was derived from the colonial rule of Jamaica during the 1800s. Because of the British rule newspapers depicted Europe’s idea of beauty and what was socially acceptable...
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Electronic Skin: Definition, Technologies And Ways Of Usage

People must now produce electronic skin technology Electronic skin is a hot topic in engineering and a very new technology. This is why people don’t have too many immature technologies right now. People now have the technology of using quantum tunneling composites called QTC or using rubber, conductive graphite and new transistors. First, American scientists...
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