Essays on Sparta

Ancient Sparta: Military, Religion And Funerary Customs

Ancient Sparta is uniquely important in the ancient world, and is a civilisation worthy of study by historians. It will be seen through an investigation that the land-based military wonder of ancient Sparta and the funerary and religious customs were the most important aspect of their civilisation. The ancient Greek polis of Sparta revolved around...
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Greece - Features Of Spartan Society

What does the evidence reveal about the role and status of Spartan women in this period? “Spartan Reflections” by Paul Cartledge, describes the ancient life and culture of the famous society in Greece. In Spartan society, women were expected to bear children predominantly to join the military academy known as the agoge to become warriors....
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Sparta: Classes And Social Life

Sparta, located in the Peloponnesus peninsula, was a powerful city state that had it’s own unique traditions and rules. Since most of Spartan’s life was concentrated on war, their social life and class system also depended on survival. Leaders of Sparta were eager to raise fearless soldiers and were cruel to anyone who didn’t support...
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