Essays on Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Models And Analytical Techniques

“Strategic planning is a structural managing action that is used to set priorities, focus, energy and resources, make stronger operations, ensure that the workforces and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, setting up an agreement around intended outcomes, results and evaluations and amend the organisational path in response to a changing environment. It is...
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Tools For Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis is a theoretically informed understanding of the environment in which an organisation is operating, together with an understanding of the organisation’s interaction with its environment in order to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness by increasing the organisation’s capacity to deploy and redeploy its resources intelligently (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants 2007). Business analysis...
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Dynamic Strategic Planning For Airports

Dynamic Strategic Planning is one of the recommended methods to apply for a successful airport management and development, ensuring growth traffic and revenue. This Strategy has been outlined by De Neufville and Odoni, in 2003, at the same time as Heathrow Airport started studies about a third runway to ease daily operations and reduce saturation....
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