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Community Development: Challenges Encountered And Recommendations

1. Introduction This report writing is on the importance of community development focusing on the field visits observations and learnings especially on the challenges encountered with Early Child Development and Positive Parenting Program implemented from the communities visited. The writing also states the positive outcomes of the programmes as well reporting on the need to...
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The Asset-based Approach To Community Development (ABCD)

ABCD approach originates from an evaluation of community development case studies. This approach focuses on enhancing the abilities, self-worth and communal relationships (Kretzmann & McKnight, 2005:31). It helps to develop the assets in a community, using the community’s abilities and capabilities (Kretzmann & McKnight, 1993:10). Based on this approach, the challenge in low-income communities is...
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Gandhian Model Of Community Development

Line but is beneficial to everyone who does not have a bank account. Jan Dhan Yojana has seen great success, about 21 crore accounts have been opened in just about one and half year under the scheme. Out of the total, 12.87 crore in rural areas and 8.13 crore accounts have been opened in urban...
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Emergence Of Modern Leadership Styles

ABSTRACT In the present regularly evolving condition, there isn’t just a single administration style or system that works constantly. Authority is the activity of driving individuals in an association towards accomplishing objectives. There are seven kinds of administration styles in developing current age. Not just in business world and in a particular spot where initiative...
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The Swot Analysis Of Treasury Wine Estates Ltd

A SWOT analysis combines internal and external factors that allow Treasury Wine Estates Ltd. to evaluate its company’s current situation and prospects. The first two letters S&W stand for Strengths and Weaknesses, which are derived from an internal analysis, by examining the firm’s resources, capabilities, and competencies. The latter O&T represents Opportunities and Threats that...
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Leadership Styles & Its Impact On Performance

Introduction In last two decades, the importance of team effectiveness is considered as an important objective for many papers. The procedure of leading teams and assuring their effectiveness calls for a leader who can motivate & guide their subordinates for the desired organizational goal. Leaders create vision for the organization and empowers their subordinates to...
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Leadership Styles: Overview Of Types Of Leaders

Bureaucratic A leader who creates a highly regulated environment and has a very strict adherence to rules. This style of leadership represents a commanding/coercive leader, someone who dictates. This style of leadership should be used when the team or individual team member are being insubordinate, or during a crisis time. Weaknesses: reduces the creativeness and...
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Male And Female Leadership Styles

Leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do so whereas a leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. In order for a family, organisation or country to flourish, capable leaders are essential. Although leaders in the past were predominantly...
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The Elements Of Business Plan

Abstract The development of strategies and tactics of production and business activities of the organization is the most significant task for a new entrepreneur. A generally accepted form of proceeding strategies and tactics is a Business Plan. After reading all the possible information and doing some studies, I tried to write as much as possible...
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Dynamic Strategic Planning For Airports

Dynamic Strategic Planning is one of the recommended methods to apply for a successful airport management and development, ensuring growth traffic and revenue. This Strategy has been outlined by De Neufville and Odoni, in 2003, at the same time as Heathrow Airport started studies about a third runway to ease daily operations and reduce saturation....
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