Essays on Sula

Evolution Of African American Culture In Sula

Sula is a book that talks about the evolution of African American culture just at the cusp of the abolition of the slave trade. It documents their struggles along with the rich heritage and the humor that’s embedded in their life. All of this is done through the lives of two girls- Nel and Sula...
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Sula And Nel: Life-altering Experiences

Sula and Nel were like yin and yang; neither feeling complete without their other half. The two, who were distressed with their own families, sought comfort with one another as they intertwined their lives together, which created a soul connection. Throughout their life journeys, Sula and Nel tried to find love and acceptance with their...
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A Critical Analysis Essay On Sula By Toni Morrison

The novel Sula is comprised of many themes. One of the major themes being the opposition of good versus evil and love versus hate. Toni Morrison provides us with many different characters to show good versus evil themes. The dynamic relationship between Sula and Nel encompassed good versus evil, love versus hate and many other...
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