Summary Of The Article “Chinua Achebe: Without The Story We Are Blind”

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In the article, Chinua Achebe who was a Nigerian novelist and later honored as father of African literature. The change to a new post-colonial world, Achebe says, is not meant to abandon the old one, and history is the archive of the old one, the necessary means to bring the old into the new, this is the story. His works mainly dealing with tragic events and sad end. Achebe begins by addressing the story represents a tradition that can adapt to the new; the issue that Achebe addresses is the preservation of national and cultural identity, while preserving that identity as an identity which cannot reject it despite the inevitable mixing of different cultures. In his point of view, a story plays vital role for the readers and acts like a weapon which tells about the background of the situations and help us to make ourselves clear about the information and complex stage of ideas.

In his writings are simply reminding that, the black man and black woman that the white man save them from the past not a long time (2). To develop his ideas, Achebe argues Conrad’s novel depicted Africa as the other world which is antithesis Europe and civilization. Instead, he illustrates the image of Arica by his writing. In his words, A wide number of negative African images held for trade and slavery protection. Early on, colonization provided the world that is redundant today but also the African ways of viewing that continues today (3). Achebe was a colonial boy and raised in literature, in which the black man threatened the rest of the white person. Of note until far later Achebe was a son of one of the earliest conversions in Nigeria to Christianity. He took the white man instinctively later. He finally revising his own biases against ‘uncivilized’ black, he realized that he must be a novelist. After becoming an author and he explains this work is not possible to do alone. From the tragic incident of his own life he understood and reminded us of working with black people for world mankind (4).

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The goal of Achebe is to regain its heritage and, at the same time, to point out ways for positive change. He writes in an age in which countries adapt to a globalized world economy and respond to reform pressure and international cooperation, yet he is well aware of the dangers of reactionary nationalism and the desire for absolute power, which have blocked reform and given dictators unrestrained rule in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Lastly, During the last days of his life, he tried more than ever to spread his acknowledgement. He was never silent, he expressed his tone by writing and his writing still appreciated. he wrote all his novels and all protagonist are tragic characters who always inspired by his own life story, he illustrates these all the incidents by his works.    


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