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Throughout history, there have been many cases dealing with serial killers. Cases that may be closed but will never be forgotten. These killers kill for the fun for the thrill. They do this to also try to satisfy their own wicked pleasure. Some of them even do these things in hopes of not get caught. Most of them will but there are many who won’t and or have not. One of the most well-known serial killers that according to my research they never truly caught the man who is known as jack the ripper. In 1888 in the East End of London women were found strangled and mutilated. This man is wicked yet smart. The number of victims that actually were involved varies but in my studies 5 women were mentioned. Most of the women were between the ages of 39 and 47. It was said that the women who were murdered were involved in prostitution. The women’s bodies were so bad that they were hard to identify who they were. For this paper I have chosen 6 suspects; Fredrick Deeming, Dr Thomas Neil Cream, James Kelly, Aaron Kosminski, Dr Pedachenko and Dr John Williams. I have chosen this individual based on how the bodies were manipulated. I feel that I could be one of the doctors because they would know exactly have to cut the body.

First I would like to start off with Fredrick Deeming. Deeming was known for his criminal activities. His first one was bankruptcy. Then he was labelled as a cheat. After he and his wife split he remarried. It is said that his second wife suddenly went missing. They found her with a throat cut and her body in advanced stages of decomposition. They also have sad that they found Deeming’s first family (wife and four kids) in the floorboards of his home within the floorboards with their necks slashed open. He was caught an arrested and found guilty for them. With there being only 2 links that suspected deeming to the jack the ripper, one was his sanity and the other was the way that he killed his family. Even though now I don’t think he is the killer he did a pretty horrible thing with his family.

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Dr. Thomas Neil is next. Dr. Cream met a lady by the name of Flora Brooks. She soon became victim of unwanted pregnancy. Dr. Cream then decided to perform his own abortion, nearly killing brooks. One of creams first murder where he was not charged with was a young girl by the name of Kate Garner. She was found in creams office with a bottle of chloroform next to her. When he moved away from that town and in his new town he still managed to bring his murderous tendencies. A lady by the name Julia frank died under mysterious circumstances. Cream did get arrested but he slipped and escapes convention once again. He ends up in London where he meets a prostitute by the name of Matilde Clover. She was later found dead due to the nux vomice poisoning. Cream was yet again not charged. Cream was one wicked man who got off numerous times. He was finally charged with Maltilda Clover. When he got sentenced to hang he uttered that he was jack. There were many theories about Cream. One said that he had twin, that while one was in jail the other one is committing the murders. Cream is one of my top suspicious people to be the Jack the ripper.

Next on my list is James Kelly. Kelly was born to a 15 year old girl named Sarah Kelly. Sarah Kelly dies leaving James with her mother Teresa. Teresa soon dies and leaves James alone. All of a sudden he begins to act irrationally and experience mood swings. He then moves to London for work. Where he them figures out the greatness in hard drinking and paid sex. All of this took place on the back end streets of London east end. In London he meets his wife Sarah. Just like any other relationship they have their ups and down. James Kelly only ever had sex with low class prostitutes so he finds himself unable to have sex with Sarah. So he became convinced she has had some sort of deformity. As they continue to argue about this he continues to sleeps with prostitutes. He did pull a knife on Sarah and threats to stab her. A couple of day later it was reported that he throws her to the ground and stabs her in the neck. He was charged with attempted murder until she dies and now charged with murder. He pleads insanity.

Next is Aaron Kosminski, he came to England Attempting to escape persecution by Poland Russian rulers. He worked as a barber in the mile end old town where the murders too place. Kosminski behaviour had got out of control and was eventually placed in a lunatic asylum. It is said the Kosminski murdered all 5 women. One thing even said that one of the women had a scarf and that Kosminski DNA was found on it. I feel that if the DNA was found them it must be him.

Ales Pedachenko moved to Paris while he was wanted for murder of women. He was a cross dresser when he felt like it. Mary Kelly was one of the victims of the ripper case. He burned off his moustache and used Kelly’s clothes to try and escape.

Last but not least Dr. John Williams. There is a theory that he was the ripper because he was attempting to find a cure for his wife infertility. That was the only suspicious thing about him.

In Conclusion, I ultimately think Aaron Kosminski was the Jack the Ripper. I just feel that DNA does not lie. I know that there are a lot more suspects for this case but do you think we will ever know who it really was since it was so long ago. What we can do is just make sure it doesn’t happen again.  


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