Sustainable Consumer Behavior And Green Consumerism

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Over the course of the most recent couple decades the utilization of goods and services has expanded to a phenomenal levels. It leads to the reduction of natural resources rapid environmental decline and loss of biodiversity. As we can see individual behaviors have a direct impact on the lives of future generation and on the surroundings. There is a need of global agreement in order to decrease the impacts of overconsumption by urgent changes in cultural practice and individual behavior. We can see that there is an increase in the demand for environment friendly goods and services and there is an increasing pressure on companies to conduct their business activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This is because of growing concerns about environmental issues has been increases day by day. Here we can notice a point that sustainability is not only achieved through legal practices or supply efficiency but it is also achieved through the demand of the consumer.

Here most of the policymakers, experts and technologists are agree that the environmental change is a severe risk and it is recognized as a consumer behavior issue. This means that what, how and how much individuals consume openly and in this way they have an impact on their surroundings i.e. whatever consumer consumes has an impact on their environment. As we can see that the sustainable consumer behavior is a behavior in which there is an attempt in which present needs are fulfill while at the same time controlling or stimulating environmental impact. Researchers has found that the sustainable consumer behavior is inclined by means of personality that is more open consumers and extra agreeable consumers are more likely to put importance on and act on environmental and social concerns.

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We can see that the present consumer lifestyle and their economic activities threatening our habitat to a greater extent and caused a number of environmental problems that is there is a global increase in glaciers melting, temperature continue to rise worldwide and there is an increase in the greenhouse gases produced by various human activities. Most of the environmental problems that the world is facing today is because of the human activities and their lifestyles. There is a need of obvious changes in consumer attitudes, lifestyles and behaviors in order to obtain supplementary sustainable lifestyle. Individuals or households are responsible for significant amounts of energy use and energy waste.

Sustainable consumer behavior may be come up to diverse views including views of the policymakers, market views, ethical and social focus, consumer demand and interest focus. It may be accomplished through many different foundations and agents in the society including administrations, industries, markets and new expertise. Besides these agents and foundations, consumers and households play a key part in acceptance of sustainable technologies and goods. These agents and foundations are suggested that they encourage their targeted consumers, suppliers, retailers and buyers towards more sustainable purchase, production and care and disposal behavior.

There is a structure of green consumerism established by the cultural, social and economic forces. This structure is specifically designed in order to encourage consumers to buy only those goods or services that do not affect the environment. This structure also encourages consumers to be more conscious about the firms’ production and decides their purchase on weather this production is beneficial for environment or not. In this way green consumerism has created an equilibrium between the consumer behaviors and profit objectives of firms’ as it mostly established on the pro environmental and sustainable behavior of the consumers.

Green consumerism is a universal and responsible course of management that satisfies, classifies, fulfills and anticipates the requirements of the participants by upholding the natural health of the environment and the management that does not risk the health the humans. There are many benefits of green consumerism as it supports economical packaging options and it rises the need of efficient use of energy. The other benefits of green consumerism also includes an increasing need for environmentally friendly food production.

Here we notice that the in green consumerism, consumers will only buy things that will be eco or environmentally friendly. In increasingly busy lifestyles, it is very difficult to being green’ as it requires space and time that is not available in this busy lifestyle. Implications for policy and businesses are proposed. In order to get long term mutual benefit of the firm and the world, marketers can expand their markets rather than purely targeting the fragment of green consumers. When firms operate and offer goods and services in a more sustainable way, then the consumers simultaneously yearn for consumers to recognize, reward and embrace their values, efforts and actions towards sustainable development. In this way it becomes the source of outgrowth of sustainable consumption and thus increase the firms’ profit and sustainability.

There are several reasons why advertisers should take an interest in recognizing leaders of sustainable consumer behavior. The first reason is marketers should be sensible that the conventional marketing promoted consumption attitude and thus it plays a key role in negative environmental impacts. The second reason is that the companies are capable of adapting to the demand of the growing environment including the increasing need for sustainability, are more likely to survive in the long run and benefited from competitive advantages. A sustainable business orientations has benefits such as recognizing new goods, opportunities and markets, promoting creativity, shaping emerging technologies, increasing productivity in the enterprise and inspiring and retaining employees.

However, research recommends that practices that are socially and environmentally beneficial have a capacity to gather more favorable views of the firm’s clients as well as increased productivity. Consumption is thus directly related to sustainability, as any decision on what consumer buy, how much they purchase, how much they consume and how they dispose of has a direct impact on the future generations and on the environment. It means that every individuals has a collective impact on their surroundings and environment due to their consumption pattern attitude, behavior that may become devastating. There is a need of more sustainable consumption pattern and attitude as more developed or industrial states are central cause of pollution, continuous climate change and other negative environmental impact. The disparity in what consumer say and do is perhaps the greatest obstacle for sellers, businesses, policy makers and for non-profit administrations that seek to encourage sustainable usage.  


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