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Nursing is a profession that has to do with taking care of people’s health and saving lives. It is different from other courses and it is very demanding. Nursing students deal with many challenges while studying and some of the challenges are: time management, child care, family support, communication, financial support, clinical work, self-confidence, study habit, and cultural diversity. But one of the biggest challenges for nursing students is time management because they have to create time for everything by balancing their studies and their personal life. Nursing students have to create time for their studies, research, family, and clinical work, so when they don’t have all the time they need to carry out all these tasks, some of them end up quitting the course while some decide that no matter the challenges they will encounter they must make sure they achieve their goals to become a qualified nurse.

Nursing is really a tough course because while you join the course work, studying ahead to prepare for exams, clinical work, and homework, you will realize that you don’t have enough time to balance school and social life. So I think students need to focus their attention mostly on that which is most important and decide on how they are going to manage their time wisely. Also, they have to give up on their social life so that the stress on them will reduce.

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Another challenge that nursing students face to date is family support. Most of the student nurses are parents who have kids and they find it difficult to make out time for them. Family support has a huge impact on nursing students because some of them don’t really have to help hands from their parents or relatives to help them look after their kids while they’re in school or at work placement and this kind of situation they find themselves into can cause the students to be frustrated and can also make them lose focus on their studies so they are left with no other choice than to get a childminder who they will have to pay to help them look after their kids knowing that the cost of childcare can be very expensive.

Communication is also considered a challenge nursing students face every day. The inability to communicate verbally and in writing has made the new generation prefer communicating by text rather than a verbal conversation. The lack of communication has affected students that they no longer have the confidence to work together as a team with their fellow nurses and other health care professionals.

Financial support could be another challenge that nursing students face to date because they have financial obligations besides school such as rent, mortgage, Bill’s and taking care of their families. Some of them are not even aware that they can apply for scholarship trainee grants and other means of funding that can help solve their problems without seeking for loan. There are a lot of scholarships that are available for students but many of them don’t apply for them and the basic reason is that they don’t have time, while some of them don’t have an idea that the scholarship exists. A lot of them who are aware feel like they don’t have the time to apply because of the too much task in nursing school and their jobs. In addition, the current economic crisis in the country makes it hard for students to obtain scholarships and this can lead them to ask for loans to study nursing, which will make them have a debt in the future.

Clinical work can also be a challenge when studying nursing. Working without experience while studying in a clinical environment can be very frustrating but if you are given the right help and support, you will be able to complete your training in a better way. Another challenge that students face in the clinical environment is the lack of confidence, particularly in their first year of learning. They become very nervous when they begin their placement work. But when they get support from their mentor and staff they will experience personal development throughout the period of the training. When a student goes for her work placement, the mentor should make sure he/ she has all the tools that the student needs to know while she is being trained. And the student should be supervised and assessed regularly to know if she is understanding what she is being thought because the nursing profession has to do with health and life. She should be given support from the staff because students who don’t get the help they need, sometimes see themselves struggling and they end up quitting.

Study habit is another challenge on nursing students. Each and every one of us has our learning styles. You can be a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner. Finding an effective study habit is really important because you are going to learn a lot of information in a short period of time. So finding whatever study habit that works for you is going to help you succeed in nursing school.

Cultural diversity is a big challenge for minority students in the nursing profession. It arises as a result of an increase in immigrants and a need to satisfy the demand of the evolving community. Knowing how to deal with diverse students saves time and enhances knowledge acquisition because as their needs are considered and properly addressed there would be no time or energy wasted on confusion and anger. Thus, teaching the needs of some students creatively and innovatively gives rise to an enhanced academic climate.

Having a good plan to study can help students nurses to overcome some of these challenges. Like in the aspect of time they have to keep a schedule, stay organized and limit the time they spend on social media. 


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