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My client is looking for a record to be made. Records are very rarely used so making a product that is very appealing must be in order with the final needs of my client. A retro approach must be made considerately and i must try to prevent copyrighting previous products. As i have not seen my client the target audience must play a huge part in being able to assess my work. It must be made considerately and nothing must be made with the intention to offend the target audience.


My project consists of development, planning and evaluation. I must create a work plan to assist me in making the final product. But scope creep can occur through bad planning. To prevent this i will spend a bit of extra time to solidify my understanding and prevent error in my work. My work will have specific timings. If the times are not fulfilled then the target audience could see rushed work and not be encouraged to buy the final product.

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As a designer i will receive money for my work. If scope creep occurs i may not receive the full wage i have been entitled to. Also additional costs like printing could be taken into consideration and an effect in my time. Failure to plan this could have me making loss and also a bad reputation. A bad reputation causes a lack in sales and less money. This must be taken into consideration towards the target audience.


The use of 3d images plays on the users mind. It is 3d and looks lifelike. Kids like photos wheres adults prefer a higher sense of formality such as suits etc. image quality may be lost in my project as it will be resized. The target audience may not like this and could put the buyer off. preferences

Preferences of the target audience are also very broad. 8-18 year olds cant be shown nudity but 60-80 year olds may not like the cover due to there high preferred taste they have developed overtime. This is a sensitive subject and must not be taken lightly. Therefore taking the target audience into account i must have assets of maturity but also assets of humor like animation. This will encourage the target audience.


As my target audience is very broad a few restrictions must be made to the record. These include assets like inappropriate pictures and also negative language on the cover. I must prevent putting these on as it will affect the target audience and have a negative effect in the amount of purchases made to the product. Also as it is a huge age range it could be lead me to be prosecuted and be in a lot of bother.


A space theme is very bold. It is darkly colored so projections could be very intimidating. Playing on the buyer’s mind is very clever. It causes them to be intrigued. The audience is bold so having a product that is very bright could also see and increase in sales. Bright colors help a person be jolly and emotive to a person’s life as being bright and full of joy. The target audience may notice this.


The record will be seen online and in shops. Having less writing enables the entire message to be presented across in a series of few words or phrases. Online adverts last for a few seconds then disappear. Few words also present the message before the message is destroyed. This is a clever technique to present the whole message across.



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