Term Limit Results On Accountability In Democracy

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Section 1: INTRODUCTION: Now days, more and more countries are shifting towards democracy. This reflects the idea of being in one nation and equality. In fact, it questioned that how a democratic political leader answerable to the society to remain in power and maintain peace in the country. This topic will discuss about the term limits that give effects to the democratic leader. Moreover, in democracies most of the cases deal with the idea of how term limits figure out the consequence of accountability. In fact, this research will go through on the topic about the political survival of the leader in country. This topic is important as it makes us understand the way our world responds to the democracy implications, why political leader deal with the issue of policies and how can we blur the lines of the consequences.Section 2: THESIS STATEMENT: This paper will answer the questions that still form important view of the world, how leaders should answerable for their actions to people to remain in the power due to the consequences of the accountability that deal with the term limits. This paper will present an argument of explaining the political issues that raised wars due to institutional constraint theory and real world cases of the country and how it decreases the development and prosperity because of the term limits in the end, it would represent all the findings and arguments in a summarized manner to reach a balanced conclusion.Section 3: DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE TOPIC: Institutional constraint theory refers to the position of the leader how he can make his voters happy. According to this theory, it is dealing with the democracy which should be more conflict free. Moreover, term limits has an impact on the public policy by changing the alterations of elections. Historically, in the late 1980s, it appears in the matters of the public. Even, in the democracy, leader focused on the public for his reputation and to remain in the seat. The theory conflicts on the facts of actions done by the leaders and the democracy complexity that may affect the wars which may results in the less peace and developed country (Siverson, 1995). As my argument deals with the accountability that affects the term limits, this explained that for a democratic leader it is hard to win the war rather than the autocratic leader. However, because of the reselection, term limits may apply to the democratic leader (Bruce et.al, 2002).Section 4: The Selectorate Theory: As the issues with the term limits on accountability consequences dealing with the issues of the democracies, there is the main theory that deals with it. It is ‘Selectorate Theory’ that refers to the to remain in power what kind of implications political leader has to face. The strategies discussed above, act like a solution of the consequences that how an incumbent stays in the office by maintaining growth and peace. Moreover, to remain in power, democratic leader has to win the majority seats or ‘Winning Coalition’ refers to the fact without ‘S’ a leader cannot stay in the office. Even, a democratic leader is depending upon the voter’s choices to remain in the office. Two types of goods are dealing in the theory. One is private goods in which the loyalty norm is high because of the autocracy and Second, public goods that are provided by the democratic leader through which his loyalty norm decreases. However, Small W or winning coalition refers to the an autocratic leader which can go to the war and bring prosperity to Selectorate by putting away the bad policies. On the other hand, leaders have to divide the goods in the public and have to behave as in the favor of voters to be in the office. In this topic, it is dealing with the term limit consequences on democracies in a way of policies like if the democratic leader decide to chose the war, the voters have to pay taxes and as the tax rates get high, the leader’s value become impossible to remain in the office. However, for an autocratic leader, this limitation is not valid as he is providing the public goods. The ratio of the W/S reflects the idea of an incumbent position. As the W gets small, will get the leaders value high to remain in the office whereas if the W gets high refers to the democracy in which leader is dependent upon the public as my argument is explaining “Therefore, our modified selectorate theory suggests that governments will provide public goods if the size of the winning coalition is large enough, state capacity is great enough, and a priori regime durability is long enough” (Xun and Hugh, 2015, p.264-279). In Mexico, 1917 was the time when president was re-elected in the given one term limit. In future, democratic leader has to maintain peace and focus on the economic growth on account (Zanardi et.al, 2008).Section 5: EMPIRICAL SUPPORT: There is a real world example that includes most of the facts about the consequences of accountability in democracies by focusing on the term limits discussed above. In the country Peruvian, the president named Alberto Fujimori’s has rule in 1990 with the highest seats. Moreover, in 1992, termination took place with the majority ratings. With the term limits, in 2000, he deals with the issues of the corruption and then he left out the political party. So with this case study, a reputed leader by done this third term idea becomes a bad leader in the country. With the term limits, it states that how the leader loses his winning coalition. As he took the third term fact to win the votes on the other hand, afterwards he loses his seat with the reputation. He created the less peace and decreases the growth of the country. This idea reflects that how term can affect the prosperity and development by having accountability on the issue of term limits. Every idea has its two sides positive and negative. So the positive side reflects an example of one of the most known democratic country Brazil that reflects the positive way of term limits. A second term policy is prohibited for the president over there to remain in the power. It has maintained the balance in the country from the 16 years. With this, it shows the leaders that deal with the term limits in a democracy and develop the country by providing the education programs and some poverty regarding programs (Griner, 2009). To sum up, term limits affect the accountability in democracies which may results in less develop and peace country.Section 6: CONCLUSION: The findings of this paper suggest that leaders action decrease the affect of term limit would affect the accountability in the sense of development and prosperity. Even, in the past, some of the countries deal with consequences of bribe to be in power and it maintain imbalance in the country’s development and peace. To remain in power, leader should deal with the problems and to develop the country they have to focus on the term limits to have less wars and not to do corruption. 

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