The Academic Honor Code: Problem Of Cheating

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All through the US and the world, resources are being used throughout middle school and high school to abuse the honor code. This honor code, expresses that they are not permitted to cheat or take another understudy’s work that is not theirs and to ‘…build trust among students and to take care of a tutorial community during which a code of values is shared” (Academy Honor Code.). Aristotle once mentioned, ‘Dignity doesn’t consist in possessing honors, but in the crunchiness we deserve them,” (Aristotle). As he is talking about have the dignity in yourself by being honest, because it will show you respect. However, if a person does not have this in their back of their heads or pursue the honor code, they may not become a virtuous person, since the honor code is exclusively a motivation that is implied to be simple for people to comprehend and grow with it. The code might be an essential archive that makes the dream for our lives from all that we will do by having a grip on what it’s been communicated when breaking the establishments, and understanding that it could possibly affect your life for the worst.

As we probably tend to expect from the integrity of education in the honor code. ‘In any of my educational endeavors I will not lie, cheat, or steal’ (Rule 1 of the Code of Honor for the Academy). In yourself and your lecturers, lying or plagiarizing by the papers, exams and quizzes in any form shows dishonesty This may be a trap for your teachers and yourself since you are not being honest towards them who had spent time showing you and laying the foundation for you. The academic system promotes creating relationships with peers and with teachers and administrators. Colleges that use honor codes do not ‘spoon feed’ their students, it is up to each of them to do their job personally and to take pride in the marks they earn. This is often the product of the honor code that trains students for the future by putting them in the habit of not serving anyone other than themselves, and keeping students accountable for their actions.

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The Academic Honor Code emphasizes honesty because this code often addresses the issues of fraud, theft, and lying. Acts such as those mentioned above are not handled carefully in colleges that uphold their tutorial honor code, or even in private or charter schools, colleges will be able to suspend and expel students who violate the rules on how severe they are. Especially ““…even first time offenders may be punished with a suspension,”(Academy Honor Code). Understudies who follow the structure of the instructive honor code are more likely to achieve their ambitions by using their goals and striving to practice in the area they respect most. This is frequently attributed to the honor code, by slipping them into the everyday practice of not having to be any others than themselves, While keeping understudies chargeable for their actions, because ‘the simple way’ is the easiest way out to get your side to be done. Regardless of whether it is simple for school, profession and day-to-day life, constancy is the tactic that will make you stand out from others. This makes a person a significant character, and subsequently, a lot of people, will need to tend to follow this throughout everyday life. Honor Codes not exclusively advance reasonable character but prevent cheating. A great deal of the individuals who are related by the respect code since early on will exclusively benefit throughout everyday life and make the country a better place.

In math class, when my instructor told me the information about the circumstance. I could have lied and perhaps pulled off it, anyway, I chose not to since it was not being straightforward with myself and her. I think about that this ride has set me up for the world and bringing this into a positive record. While I used to be never again an innately unscrupulous or scheming lady considerably sooner than this happened, my pressure acquired the most elevated purpose of me during that test and there was no thought process in me to go about as I did. in the event that I had considered it objectively I would have understood that my activities would hurt me more noteworthy over the long period of my life as I now comprehend that it is vital to cautiously evaluate situations, and keep away from rash decisions. Stress is a phase of existence and will proceed to take place both in my school and personal life. Being a character with strong values and a high degree of integrity is important to me. The honor code did not go on my transcript, however many college professors will ask “did you have any misconduct violations? “And you would need to just reply to it honestly. I have had no other problems, but this will damage my possibilities of getting into a college that asks for what happened. This experience, my violation, and being a part of everything will make certain that I will be cautious in the future to adhere to my values.

Positive actions of students by an understanding between what is right and what is wrong; this establishes a concept that students must obey for the rest of their lives. Honor codes reduce the amount of fraud in schools, which is very positive because cheating is perceived very negatively as it is a very deceptive way to demonstrate your intelligence. Not only does an honor code gives a better name to a class, it also demonstrates that the children who come out of the school are more trustworthy and ambitious which makes them look good for important jobs for everyday lives. It can be very climactic if people were lying or even did not learn what they were supposed to know about this topic, however to make the world become a better place, an honor code is required to help students in the beginning of their careers and pursue a virtuous, happy life.   


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