Essays on The Alchemist

Comparison Of The Outsiders And The Alchemist

The Outsiders demonstrates the hero’s Journey better than Santiagos by showing the following hero’s journey stages: meeting the mentor, a refusal to the call and crossing the threshold. Ponyboy has a better mentor than Santiago because he gives the boys life saving advice. In the Outsiders, the mentor is Dallas Winston. Dallas Winston gives Ponyboy...

Symbols And Narrative Features In The Alchemist

How does Paulo Coelho construct characters and use symbols and narrative features in ‘The Alchemist’ to inspire new ways of thinking? Introduction ‘The Alchemist’, a book from Paulo Coelho, creates a very set mindset for the reader; and that is ‘new ways of thinking’. He creates and brings distinct characters to life through his individual...
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The Alchemist: Three Obstacles Santiago Must Overcome On His Journey

Obstacles are crucial setbacks that function to strengthen one’s movement toward success. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is a fable that chronicles the journey of a hero that measures not by his success but setbacks. Leaving home, Being robbed of his money, and Leaving Fatima are obstacles that function to inspire the hero. Leaving home...
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The Alchemist: Book Review

The Alchemist is a novel which was written by Paulo Coelho and he is from Brazil. It was published in 1988 in Portugal language. It became bestseller book internationally. Again it was republished in 1993 in the English language. His parents want to make him an engineer but he does not follow his parents and...
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