The Benefits Of Procrastination

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First of all, everything else will seem more approachable to you. Doing a practice worksheet or reading some chapters is easier compared to the assignment you are trying to avoid. This is another way of procrastinating. Nevertheless, you will be able to cross all the minor, easier plans off your to-do list without too much pain or hesitation, because you skip the ones that you are unwilling to do just for a while. Therefore, delaying on the major task can help you get the minor work done.

Second, you can achieve the highest efficiency by procrastinating. Let’s face it, if you have a month to complete an eight-hour project, you are not going to start it within the first eight hours of that month. Instead, you will likely delay it close to the end. Waiting until the last moment to do something forces you to focus on task-solving while you are doing it. You are less likely to check your social media account, answer your phone, text your friends, or think about anything else except having the work finished. If you are the type of person who studies more productively and can be more efficient while under stress, go with it. You will still have your assignments done on time and will be better off than if you have spent the whole week complaining about how unmotivated you are. The scientific reason behind, however, is that the fear of not being able to get the work done releases adrenaline, a hormone that triggers you to respond more quickly and increase your performance. Hence it makes doing difficult or less desirable tasks easier.

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Last but not least, procrastination can boost your creativity. While you are putting things off, your brain is still aware that the task soon or later has to be done. You may find yourself getting inspired by an ad board on the roadside, or thinking of ways to improve on some aspects of the task as you go about your daily life at home and at school. Or, the approaching deadline may trigger you to come up with some brilliant ideas that have never occurred to you before. Thus, you may achieve a better outcome.

To sum up, if you are a procrastinator, don’t get too upset at yourself for putting things off. Maybe you are the type of person who feels more challenged and motivated under pressure. Even if you are not, at least you are still getting them done, and you may even end up creating a piece of work with higher quality and creativity as a result of your “bad” habit. 


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