The Benefits Of Reading Fiction

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Why is reading important? What can people learn from reading? I started to get into reading since my first memory. I am fond of reading because my father encouraged me to read when I was a child. He made me read numerous books. I used to think nonfictional books can expand our minds. I was reading lots of nonfiction such as self-help books, psychology books as well as philosophy books. I wasn’t reading a lot of fiction. I viewed reading fiction as entertainment; I didn’t think there was a lot of value in reading fiction. But later on, as I’ve read more fiction, I found that fiction could expand not only our minds but also our heart. 

There are various benefits of reading fiction.One of the most important benefits of reading literary fiction is that it enhances your intelligence Our brain love to try and find patterns, meaning, and things. Stories are a perfect way to do that. Hearing a lecture is way too full of facts you would receive. Being told a story, on the other hand, something interesting unquestionably happens: several parts of your brain activates. Apart from that, reading fiction boosts your memory. ‘A study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicated that people who read appear to be less found having Alzheimer’s disease. You might eat fish oil or take a multi-vitamin tablet to increase your intelligence, but reading fiction is a cheaper way to gain smart.

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Second of all, fiction can change reality. There is no limitation for exploration in fictional books. It allows your mind to drift off and discover through your imagination. Literary fiction consists of various categories: romance, comedy, Goth, horror, sci-fi, supernatural, mystery, thriller and so on. When we pick up a book, we are carried away into a world of imagination. Also, stories have a unique ability change your perspective and theory of mind in real everyday life. The idea of class and gender appears in almost every novel to illustrate the readers how these forms of oppression exist. Katniss Everdeen and her battle with the Capitol; for example, The Hunger Games lead us into thinking about capitalism in another way. So, novels often relate to social conflicts in the stories.

Most importantly, reading fiction improves empathy and understanding of others. It makes you insert yourself into someone else’s mind through the characters. You can see a little bit of yourself in the character; you might see a little bit of yourself in Romeo or Juliet making terrible decisions for love Accordingly, you can understand who you are and why you’re making the choices you’re making. Oatley said, ‘When we read about other people, we can imagine ourselves into their position, and we can image it’s like being that person,’ she added, ‘That enables us to better understand people, better cooperate with them.’ For these points, we gain empathy for characters in fiction and real life.In conclusion, reading and stories provide innumerable ways that are beneficial for our minds and our souls. We can have a positive attitude and be more informative if we read literary fiction. Next time you decide to read a book, you should go for fiction to experience everything that has mentioned above.


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