Essays on The Bloody Chamber

Women’s Sexuality In Dracula And The Bloody Chamber

‘Women’s sexuality, both conforming and transgressing, is a common feature of gothic writing.’ Compare and contrast Dracula and The Bloody Chamber in light of this statement. The sexuality of women plays a big role within Dracula and The Bloody Chambers and female characters in both narratives display sexuality in different ways as they are either...
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The Bloody Chamber: A Critical Marxism Reading

A Critical Marxism reading of Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber” exposes social emancipation within its society as undoubtedly challenging. The Marxism appeal to this text requests the exploration of “paradox”, in which can be defined as a statement that challenges itself yet still appears to be true by one way or another (Literature Glossary –...
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Relationship Between The Female Body And The Mind In Both Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland And The Bloody Chamber

Identity is explored through the relationship between the female body and the mind in both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Bloody Chamber. Carrol presents Alice’s character as innocent and curious; he uses her experience as a parallel with the struggles young adolescents face when growing up and finding out who they are. “who in...
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