Essays on The Bluest Eye

Racism In The Bluest Eyes And The Hate You Give

The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison Race and Racism are convoluted issues in The Bluest Eye. In contrast to common depictions of racism, including white contempt against blacks, The Bluest Eye fundamentally investigates the issue of prejudice happening between ethnic minorities. There are not many white characters in Morrison’s epic, and no significant white characters,...
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The Concept Of Struggle In The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison highlights the parallels between two worlds. It depicted the struggles women of color encountered and that young, black adolescent girls faced in pursuit of their identity. The implications and far-reaching effects racism had on African Americans during 1940’s and the humiliation, isolation and self-hatred it trusted upon those at...
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The Standard Of Beauty In The Bluest Eye

In “The Bluest Eye”, the author, Toni Morrison, presents in the book that the ideal beauty is having pure white skin and blue eyes. During the 1940s, two psychologists Kenneth B. Clark and Mamie K. Phipps Clarks created an experiment using dolls. They use four identical dolls but a different color to test Childrens’. The...
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