The Body Speaks: The Importance Of Body Language In Business

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Gestures made with hands, posture, smile, attentive eyes. Many times, people do not perceive this, but body language traits are responsible for much of a person’s communication, an essential skill to succeed in business. The body speaks and, if you never paid attention to this, maybe it’s time to start.

Observing the body language of other people and oneself is very useful because it can reveal characteristics and emotions. This type of information can be very important in a negotiation and, also, teaches you to communicate better.

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The Body Speaks: Body Language in Business

The lecturer and Mexican marketing consultant, Enrique Gómez Gordillo, explains that body language is captured and interpreted by the subconscious, where concepts such as trust, security and threat, for example, reside.

‘An appropriate body language facilitates relationships and communication at work, in daily life and in business. This reflects the concept that people have of themselves and can respond to cultural and socioeconomic patterns’, he emphasizes.

For Lorena García Velarde, marketing and commerce specialist and motivational speaker, in the business world, that form of communication is very important, because it conveys who the person is . According to her, through body posture and gestures it is possible to know if a person is a collaborator, has a good attitude and feels safe, or vice versa.

‘The nonverbal communication is, in its majority, reflection of the humor or emotional state of each one. Therefore, to improve this aspect, it is necessary to improve the management of emotions at work, ‘she says.

How to Improve Body Language

Because it is so important in business, constantly improving the way the body speaks is essential. But how to do this? According to Gordillo, it is possible to follow two paths: internally and externally.

Internally, according to him, it is necessary to work on self-esteem and self-concept. ‘The funny thing is that, sometimes, it works from the outside to the inside: changes in body language can positively influence, that is, these two factors can’ cheat the brain ‘, he says.

On the other hand, on the external level, Gordillo suggests that the professional appropriates the body language of someone who respects, adapts to the situation that lives and adopts it as his own .

‘In Neurolinguistic Programming, there is the Mirror Technique , which consists of copying the interlocutor’s body language to reduce the anxiety or distrust that may exist at the moment. A business professional can, by genuinely caring for the other, develop this skill. The same thing happens when the words are reproduced and the tone of the voice, ‘he says.

For Lorena García, first of all, the professional must take into account that they must adapt to the environment in which they move. Therefore, the expression varies depending on the person, being in an informal meeting or in a job interview, for example.

Essential Factors of Body Language

For García, the work environment is increasingly demanding and not only requires optimal training and experience for people to occupy positions of responsibility. ‘In terms of non-verbal communication, analytical skills, patience, stress control and attitude are skills that stand out among successful professionals.’

According to her, an important skill is copying the non-verbal communication of the person in front. ‘In this way, the other person feels understood, listened to and accompanied, while we get a more fluid communication,’ he says.

What to Do?

Gordillo advises some simple attitudes in relation to non-verbal communication. ‘Be yourself, without masks, seek honest and genuine interest in the interlocutors and what they say. In face-to-face encounters, focus your attention on the other person, be empathetic and let body language speak well of you. ‘

Lorena offers five recommendations that the professional must take into account to improve the body’s way of speaking:

  • Think about what you want to convey before communicating.
  • Put yourself in the opposite situation and give your best.
  • A bad moment is a sign that there is something to learn.
  • Thought creates reality. If you think you’re an excellent professional, you’re right, and vice versa.
  • ‘The map is not the territory’. According to Lorena, this maxim of Neurolinguistic Programming teaches that not everything we believe is true and that there are different points of view of the same situation. Then, a circumstance that is considered stressful could become an opportunity for improvement, growth and learning.

Putting into Practice

With these tips, you learned the importance of nonverbal language in business and you perceived why it is said that the body speaks. It is necessary to pay attention to the gestures, looks and posture. And now, how about putting some actions in practice to improve?

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