Essays on The Color Purple

The Color Purple Review

Steven Spielberg directed The Color Purple in 1985. With a cast of Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg and more, it became a controversy when it was released. Critics thought the movie was degrading black men and women, Personally, I agree and disagree. The Color Purple follows the life of Celie Johnson (played by Whoppi Goldberg) as...
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A Black Woman’s Struggle In Color Purple By Alice Walker

In the novel, Walker deals with the powerful, expressive fiction about a black woman’s struggle for survival, wholeness, and sexual, political, and racial equality. Alice Walker’s works, similarly, are closely related to issues of race and gender and self-exploration, she says that because of their double identity, black women are the victims of both racism...
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The Color Purple As Celie’s Narrative

Narrative, according to Google is, “a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.” A Narrative in literary terms is a way in which the author communicates directly to the reader through a single narrator. The narrator or narrative point of view can be in first, second, third or alternating person. An author usually...
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