The Effects On Plastic Surgery

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Have you ever looked at your reflection and not like what you saw?


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Have you ever not liked what you saw and considered spending thousands of pounds to change it?

Probably not.

More and more people, however, are turning to plastic surgery to change what they see in the mirror. Not only does plastic surgery cost a great deal of money it also comes with serious health risks. Are you willing to risk going under the knife to try and confirm with society’s notion of beauty?

Before going under the knife, many people do not appreciate the serious health involved in plastic surgery. One of the most common procedures is breast augmentations with 7745surgical procedures were reported in 2018 by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( which carries many surgical and anaesthetic risks. Although patients attend a preliminary consultation, it is highly unlikely at this point, they will meet their anaesthetist, which, alone should ring alarm bells.

Along with surgical anaesthetic risks breast augmentation comes with complication and adverse outcomes which include bleeding and haematomas. Patients could bleed or fluid could accumulate in the space around the implant and cause a pocket of blood which resembles a large painful bruise. These could be dangerous and may require medical intervention. such complication can arise at any time in the 14-day postoperative period.

Over time, patients may become aware of change in nipple or breast sensation; these are indications of possible infection or even silicon from the implant leaking from ruptured implants. Common numbness could indicate a problem with the nerve function that may be a direct result of surgical intervention. Along with sensation change patients may experience complications above are serious and will not rectify themselves meaning impatient stay or further surgery may be required. Kate Needham from the website,, says “I suffered from extreme fatigue that meant I couldn’t work for longer than a few hours at a time before needing to nap”. Kate experienced this after her £15k breast implants were put in.

Further down the road to recovery, when swelling and bruising have settled, patients might be aware of the formation of capsular contracture. This is the composition of connective tissue which may cause later pain in life and is unique to every woman. It is unknown why this occurs; however, revision surgery in rectify the complications and reduce pain. In one study, most women had at least one broken implant within the 11 years says

The cost of cosmetic surgery is significantly lower in countries outside of the United Kingdom, which, with increased availability of cheap flights abroad and a phenomenon labelled cosmetic tourism offering package deals, has encouraged patients to travel abroad to undertake such procedures. Many fly without adequate travel insurance to cover planned aesthetic surgery.

Having taken a brief look at the most common postoperative complications here in the United Kingdom and outside we must bear in mind these patients will often be discharges on the same day as surgery, therefore posing the question, ‘who is medically responsible for these patients’.

Although surgeons in the private sector should have adequate insurance, this is not always the case and patients could even be in a different country from where the procedure was carried out. More than 1,000 women a year come back with complications ranging with holes in the skin to wounds that will not heal says the mirror. So, they would have to present themselves to accident and emergency are acute care, to rectify, at great costs to the public purse, damage caused by private healthcare

The emotion aftermath of surgery may be devastating in some cases and lead to a post-surgical depression. Oxford Academic Journals says that postoperatively 6% of patients had been diagnosed with depression. This can happen if the patient is not happy with the result or suffer from chronic pain. A 2016 study found a link between post-surgical depression and chronic pain-says

Many people are convinced that plastic surgery can help with their external appearance to heal their internal securities. However, it only acts as a plaster. Providing surgery to patients with low confidence can lead to a vicious cycle of people longing for more and more to be content with themselves. Plastic surgery can create a whole new person on the outside making them look almost unrecognisable. Imagine looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself, but another person, camouflaged by the plastic injected in to you.

On the other hand, in some devastating cases many people only get plastic surgery to correct the deformations that previous surgery has made, like breast cancer.100,000 out of 101,000 patients getting breast reconstruction surgery were breast cancer patients reported Breast cancer patients could end up losing their breast in order to defeat the cancer meaning that when they have recovered they could possibly need breast reconstruction in order to get back what they had and to achieve a natural breast. This could make them feel happy and content with themselves and in some cases, give them the confidence they need to get on back on track with life. In 27% of patients, their motivation for daily activity had increased reported Oxford Academic Journals.

To conclude, plastic surgery procedures is unlikely to change your life, it just changes your appearance to others. The next time you look into a mirror and don’t like what you see, perhaps look twice and decide wither what you don’t like about yourself I worth risking your health for.


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