The Impact Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is a drag with dried leaves with flower and seeds of plants which is green. There are many ways to use marijuana people use it in many way for example smoking as a cigarette or a pipe and some people mix with their food. Therefore, it is illegal in Australia but some state people can used as medical reasons. Furthermore, people in Australia use marijuana drag from teens to elderly people and its increasing (Alex, 2018).

In this essay it will be discuss Harman causes such as long term and short term, criminal activities, leading to addiction and also some the benefits which will drop the rate of suicide and crime rates.

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Marijuana can cause a serious health risk, as a result of infection, short-term memory and disability can affect the health generally. The main cause of the marijuana is lung diseases, damaging small blood vessel and most from smoking marijuana can contains cancer. Although, smoking too much over limit will have higher risk of heart attack (Alex, 2018).

According Australia health organization stated that marijuana can also lead mental disorders like schizophrenia which mental illness that effect people (Railton 2018).

More important is the fact that most other studies have found that the number of people using marijuana has been increased in last five year. This is because once people start smoking it lead them to addiction where they have to smoke every day. As result there are more people in Australia addicted to marijuana then alcohol and this increasing everyday which is about 13% every year (Paul, 2017).

According Australia crime commission that using marijuana 87% consumer has been arrested which shows the Australia is the highest drag consumer and the crime has been increased each year and black market is worth it $ 4.5 billion every year and this money goes straight to criminals which should be illegal ( National Alcohol & Drags Knowledgebase 2019).

However, in Victoria using marijuana is legalized for medical reason. It can involve a large range of benefits, therefore, using that way get this drugs and sale back in markets. Thus, it is also use to for certain condition such as pain relief cancer, neuropathic pain, spinal cord injury diabetes terminal illnesses. (Marijuana, 2005). Therefore, to get this medical cannabis products will able to get everywhere in Australia in pharmacist but not everyone will get the medical product which they must have to ask the doctor which the doctor will have to ask for approval from commonwealth therapeutic goods administration and the state health department permissions before they can start treatment for patients (William, 2018).

However, in some case marijuana can drops rate of suicides. Marijuana was begin 1960s in King Cross Sydney Australia and introduced by US. So the study found that drug such as marijuana linked to an incrase3d chance of suicidal behavior in the general population. Recently, in Australia the rates of the suicides has been increase and a lot of men and women has attempting suicide. However, the government need to introduce laws on cannabis use to reduce this rates (Drags Knowledgebase, 2019).

Additionally, Legalizing marijuana in Australia can have a lot benefits on economy from tax for example if Australia legalized cannabis then Australia would be making profits $ billion dollars which will benefits on economic and it will save money which can create thousands of jobs.(wodak, 2018)

Finally, many states have removed the criminal penalties for personal use reason of cannabis which is illegal. Back days there was not much crimes use to be from cannabis use it was very few low percentages of criminal penalties then it started and increased more every year (David, 2018).

The impact of marijuana has been increased and the government is responsible for this. There is general acceptance that marijuana can cause a lot of chronic diseases have negative impact on body such as reflexes poor coordination and concentration. However, this essay also shows that not all that marijuana can be used for medical reason which has a great impact on some states. In Australia marijuana users have social and financial problems, and not doing well in education.   


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