The Issue Of Child Abuse And Ways To Stop It

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Imagine a child who is scared of his own family. Imagine being a child with the fear of being beaten up every day of life. Imagine being a kid with no one to share your thoughts with when you are happy, sad or angry. This makes it very clear that the topic i am going to adress today is child abuse.

Child abuse is the physical or psychological mistreatment of a child by its parents (including adoptive parents), guardians. The constant physical, mental and sexual abuse of caregivers traumatises tens of thousands of children around the world. Even children seeing or witnessing abuse suffer significant harm. Children, like everyone else, have rights and should be free of exploitation and abuse.

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Child abuse is the business of all of us. We have a duty to provide a secure environment to children. Nelson Mandela shows us through his quote “the true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children”.The occurrence of knowingly, even intentionally, performing actions by parents and other caregivers that damage the very children they are supposed to be nurturing is a sad fact of human society that cuts across all lines of ethnicity and class. Every child deserves a safe environment. Somewhere they feel safe without being abused.Chris Hemsworth also stated a quote on his thoughts about child abuse.”Child Abuse is one of those issues that’s very difficult to talk about because it is surrounded by guilt and shame and so on, but us avoiding that issue doesnt’s help those kids in need out there who need support”. Through this quote, he shows us that the only reason for child abuse is that when we fail to report abuse or fail to intervene, we let it happen. Child abuse is the business of everyone. We should be there to help them out and our focus should be given to them.

There are some measures we can do hopefully to stop this.

  • Recogonizing the signs

The first step in helping to prevent domestic violence is to recognize the signs. To be sure, it may be difficult to recognize when a child is being abused, as the signs are not always visible to the eye.. Other forms of domestic abuse include verbal abuse, emotional abuse. Along with this, it is likely that the children suffering will not speak up on their behalf, as so many children suffer in silence.

  • Providing resources

Violence against children can be reduced when parents and families are equipped with strategies, support, and skills when caring for children.

  • Raise Awareness

When those around you become aware of the realities of domestic violence among children, they become advocates, as well.

I conclude this essay by stating a quote that “it is easier to build strong children than to repair weak men.”


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