Essays on The Jungle

Exploitation And Its Effects In ”The Jungle”

“Under capitalism, man exploits man”, John Kenneth Galbraith. In “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair he shows the struggles of being exploited by the ruthless system of capitalism. The main character Jurgis and his family suffer when they move to Chicago from Lithuania, and they get exploited for cheap labor. Exploitation is part of a cruel...
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The Jungle: Capitalism Versus Socialism

The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair, displays to every reader the lurid reality of the meat packing industry in the twentieth century and investigates America’s capitalist system. In order to do so, accordingly, Sinclair researched and wrote about the meat packing plants’ in Chicago for over a year. The first-hand experience he received allowed him...
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The Jungle: Political Issues Raised In A Novel

The 1906 novel ‘The Jungle” written by Upton Sinclair depicts the exploitation and harsh conditions of the lives of immigrants with in industry ran cities in the United States of America. The main character Jurgis and his extended family which include his wife Ona, her cousin Marija, her stepmother Elzbieta and her six children, and...
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