The LGBTQ Should Be Allowed The Same Rights

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Many people believe that LGBTQIA has a choice in being who they are, and it is only about sex. They can choose to be with a member of the opposite sex if they want to be. Homosexuality is based on mutual attraction, affection, and love; the same as heterosexuals. It is no different than being white or black it is the way you are born.

Marriage has always been a huge part of human relationships. It is seen as the coming together of a man and a woman, the bonding of two people together for emotional support, moral support, and economic wellbeing as well as the rearing of children. Most of society looks at marriage as a holy union of just one man and one woman. They want the same thing in a marriage that anyone does that chooses a partner for life. Their values are the same, they are loyal to their partners, are monogamous. They participate in family life, committed to their neighborhoods and communities by making them a better place to live. They serve on their school boards, volunteer in the community, they are good citizens, just like their other people, making their communities a better place to live.

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Giving way to legal acceptance to same-sex relations or marriage would hurt society on a number of levels. First, the legal identification of gay couples would legitimize morally wrong unions. It would be morally wrong in a society that looks at marriage to be fundamentally being between a man and a woman; this being from most people’s point of view. Further, gay marriage would in the end fail marriage as the basis of an established society because cohabiting homosexuals can make use of various legal provisions to protect their rights; there is no need to allow gay couples the legal status of marriage, especially since such a change would threaten the common good. Since gay unions cannot produce children through ordinary and proper procreation, such unions do not add to the survival of the human race. Furthermore, it is immoral to legitimize gay unions because it is not in the best interests of the children who might be adopted by gay couples. These children would be lacking either the awareness of fatherhood or motherhood.


Based on the act-utilitarian rule of ethics, which is based on pleasure over the pain but, make no mistake it just doesn’t mean pleasure and pain; that is only part of the figure, it counts no more or no less than the pain and pleasure of others. Everyone needs to have more of an open mind when it comes to sexual preferences. The LGBTQIA community has been struggling for years for civil rights and should be allowed the same rights. People should dictate our morals and the quality of life for our people where we are all considered equal no matter what our social, financial, or political views are. All equal rights for all people no matter race, gender, or sexual preference. 


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