The Life Of Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson was born in the early 1830s in Massachusetts. She grew up in a very strict household and this strictness led to her becoming one of America’s most proficient writers. This excellence was partly due to the fact that she lived a life of seclusion, and could write to her heart’s desire.

In the early years of her life, Dickinson’s father had her grow up in a very strict upbringing and that lead her to challenge the idea that she couldn’t be an idealist. She challenged the idea that men were superior to women and that women could do just as much as men could. She was an early feminist voice for women and kept up with that tone throughout her writing. She also felt distanced from the Calvinist faith and that she would never make it to heaven because of it This leads to the way that she used this distance and exclusion to drive her writing. In her poem, “I Measure Every Grief I Meet,” she writes about how she sees the griefs of many others and compares them to her own. This grief is built up from her being strictly raised by her father in her teenage years and having the feeling of being excluded from the Calvinist religion. Dickinson states that “I note that Some – gone patient long – at length, renew their smile,” and this may show that she believed that there was a happiness to the dark and grim days. I think this “renewal” of the smile may have been the feminist movements that were starting to arise in the world. She was a very early feminist that wanted to see women exceed in the world as she did in writing and the way that she wrote expressed her feelings towards the issue.

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Emily Dickison profoundly wrote her pieces in a different way because she did not stay within the so-called laws of poetry, she made sure to express herself vibrantly. She always made sure to get her point across in her poems and that she spared no detail of how she was feeling when she wrote the poem. She was writing her poems based on feeling and this caused her views to vary from poem to poem as she never really felt the same way at any given moment. This makes her writing very special as she was breaking the bounds of which a writer could write and how much emphasis on the emotions that they could introduce into their poems, books, articles, etc. She also allowed herself to use the full extent of her imagination as she lived her life away from the general public. She could write her thoughts down and explore everything that she wished and hoped for all on a piece of paper. Dickinson was a very revolutionary writer and she paved the way for many more writers and others to create their own works and challenge the idea of the normal lifestyle of the day. Dickinson made works that showed the limits of human emotion and captivated her audience with the authenticity that she brought to the table. 


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