The Main Lessons Of Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

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There is a number of great lessons that this book speaks about:

  • That the rich invent money,
  • That they don’t need to work for their money.
  • At the same time, they should mind their own business
  • Not to focus on others’ riches but their very own.
  • But the greatest lesson of them all the need to work to learn and not work for money.

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author of about 26 books, he is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company of which provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos throughout the world. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and educator who believes every single person has the power to make drastic changes in our lives that will make us better people, take control of our financial future whereby we will be able to live life without any type of struggle no brains strain and live the rich life we deserve, which strongly goes along with happiness. He is a very outspoken person about money, investing it. All that he wants to achieve is to teach people about financial success.

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He wrote the book Rich Dad Poor Dad mainly to educate people about the fact that school won’t bring you all the wealth that you may need, nor satisfy every need that you may have. That it is wise to have an educational basis but then add onto it with street smartness to create greater wealth and have better innovative ways to make a lot more money than what you have. But always educates the reader on how to achieve financial success.

Robert Kiyosaki mainly wrote this book for a nine year old kid that has just received his first allowance, because the book is not filled with bombastic words so its an easy to read and easy to understand. But also for a 42 year old person whom starts worrying about if his or her job is secure, as well as everyone else who doesn’t have an idea of what an asset is. Also what value an asset holds to a person’s life, how significantly it can create greater wealth for them. At the same time, it’s also a book for those that get salaries every month but don’t know how to get even more to satisfy their dreams and goals that they have always had.

The book does a very amazing job in having lessons about how to think about work and money, most importantly how it can be obtained. Where it begins are the best parts of it all, but try not to misunderstand me on a considerable lot of the monetary inhabitants he educates in his book. Much the same as numerous individuals in the media, there are a few things I agree with him with, yet numerous things I don’t. For instance, the idea of purchasing assets versus liabilities is right on target, he explains it very well and gives enough examples to be able to understand it. He promotes spending money very wisely and responsibly but at the same time use it while you still have it and take risks with it don’t try save it up because it will disappear at some point without growing into more money. But also know what you are truly spending your money on. In any case, I totally can’t help disagreeing about his business strategies of substantial upsells to kick individuals off putting resources into real estates. On the off chance that you need to get real estate, skip the classes and begin contributing with only $500 on stages like RealtyMogul, then you will be more than surprised in the end what your overall returns on it all will be. Robert is always expected to be insightful and to give wise ideas on how to achieve financial success. It’s good for teaching how money should be thought about.

My final thoughts about it is a great book but not everything about it is accurate, should always keep in mind that not everyone that doesn’t go to school and stays at home thinking about business ideas makes it in this life so. Don’t allow yourself to buy too much into the books ideas and information, go to school but as Robert Kiyosaki said to be willing to take risks and who knows you might just be very lucky after risking with that little capital you have. Also invest big time with the money you have even if it’s a small investment but it will be worth it once it accumulates and becomes greater. I would highly recommend people to read this book to get some insight into the importance of not only being books smart but being diverse and be able to think outside of the box   


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