Essays on The Poisonwood Bible

Theme Of Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible

In Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, an epic about a family’s tragic undoing and their subsequent rebuilding in postcolonial Africa, Kingsolver explores the theme of an inevitable power struggle between preservation native religion and the spread of Christianity. Through the voice of Ruth May, the youngest girl in the Price family, Kingsolver depicts an encounter...

The Poisonwood Bible: Characters Analysis

Although being twins, Leah and Adah have very different attitudes and perspectives. Adah, being the twin with a disability, doesn’t speak often to others but her thoughts reveal a lot about her attitude. She is very open minded compared to her other sisters and isn’t judgemental. She is always calm and doesn’t care to be...
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The Poisonwood Bible: Development Of Adah

Exile is a central idea present in the Poisonwood Bible and is displayed through the character, Adah Price. Adah Price is plagued by Hemiplegia, a genetic disorder that causes one whole side of her body to be limp. Due to her disorder, she has only ever been labeled as the crooked or broken twin. This...
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