The Prince: As Unmedieval Piece Of Work

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The following essay will explain why The Prince is a decidedly unMedieval piece of work. Many would say Machiavelli was known for straying away from the medieval norm. The following paragraph will give an explanation as to why. The main topic this essay will be focused on is Prince Machiavelli’s new interpretation of the State that he wrote about in his book. Machiavelli depicts a new and virile interpretation of the state as an autonomous power, subject to its own rules of behaviour and justification, and dedicated to creating a stable, efficient, and prosperous.

One of the first points that should be stated is Machiavelli’s Believe in a strong and efficient government, whatever it’s for him that could maintain public order and defend itself against all enemies internal as well as external. his life spanned the greatest. Of cultural achievement in Florence to its ultimate downfall. this period was mugged by political instability, fear, invasion, intrigue, and hi cultural achievement as the tiny state of Italy including the papal state were pulled into the politics and wars of Europe by the immense gravity of two large states, Spain and France.

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Secondly, Machiavelli had a belief that the state had to be entirely secular, with no compulsion or interference from the church, and had to function under the sanction of law, Machiavelli‘s book entitled “The Prince” had influenced great leaders ever since it has been published many years ago. Benito Mussolini wrote a university thesis on the topic. Adolf Hitler kept a copy on his night stand and read it repeatedly during his life. The church however, pleased Machiavelli‘s works on the Index of Prohibited Books. catholic raiders attacked Machiavelli for being amoral, immoral, and anti Catholic.

Another point is that Machiavelli advocated organized religion, but rather as the necessary mystique that binds people together under common loyalties and aspirations rather than as an institution that interferes with government. Machiavelli’s political works, free of myth, have earned him the title of “father of political science.” Machiavelli learned about politics, statesmanship, human nature and everything else one could possibly learn in Florence during its greatest period of cultural achievement.

Another point that should be mentioned is Machiavelli‘s belief in the creation and maintenance of a citizen militia to replace hired mercenaries. A prince ought to have no other aim of thought, nor select anything Else for his study, than war and its rules and discipline; for this is the sole art that belongs to him who rules, End it is of such force that it not only upholds those who are born princes, but it often enables men to rise from a private station to the rank. And, on the contrary, it is seen that when princes have thought more of ease than of arms they have lost their states. And the first cause of you losing it is to neglect this art, and what enables you to acquire a state is to be master of the art‍.

In conclusion, all of the above paragraphs explain in great detail why The Prince is a decidedly unMedieval piece of work.  


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