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When asked why I like finance, I realized that it is all down to my personality. Being an outgoing and inquisitive person, I always have a sense of curiosity towards surrounding which makes me believe that curiosity is the key to knowledge and to improve.

My interest in finance stemmed from a charity business I started with my cousin at the age of 17 and selling muffins to raise funds for her nanny who is undergoing stage 4 cancer. This made me realize the importance of money in society and promoted my desire to explore this subject further at university. I have taken every opportunity to learn about the financial sector and I decided to step out from my comfort zone and volunteer myself as a treasurer in a leadership camp. I constantly develop my soft skills through taking part in various activities and volunteering where I have been involved in drumming and hosting parties which improve my confidence and teamwork.

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Although A Levels take up a great amount of time, I am also a member of the school team athlete, I have been involved in 21 miles cross country activity twice, which helps me to learn how to be self-motivation and discipline.

A thorough study of A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics opened my mind to numerous new areas of algebra, statistics, and calculus. Despite being intimidated by Further Mathematics at first, I gradually enjoyed every aspect of the subject by spending extra time going over various types of examples and consulting my lecturer at times when I did not understand certain concepts or questions. Some of my favorite areas in these two subjects were trigonometry and calculus; I was amazed by the Golden Ratio of trigonometry. My ability to relate to different topics and to question the derivation of equations have been developed throughout my study in Physics. This eventually built up my critical thinking skills to constantly think outside the box.

During my college, I was one of the team leaders for my college 24 festive drum troupe. This role strengthens my leadership and communication skills which can be transferred to my further studies as I am ready for university.

Reading Financial Times and Wall Street Journal during my free time helped to give me different pictures and perspectives on the key issues of the day. It also helped me to have a better picture and understanding of what’s going on in the financial and business world in general. For instance, the reason for Brexit and US-China trade war happen. What differentiate between these reading materials is how the reporters write and what is their focus. Financial Times offers more commentary and analysis where Wall Street is more about breaking news and current headlines from the US but most importantly they do not offer the same or similar things. This is how I learned something new.

Besides that, I also have a strong interest in music because it shares some similarities with mathematics. For instance, the basis of musical sound can be described mathematically. By playing instruments such as guitar and drum provide me away for stress relief.

With all these, I anticipate the vast career opportunities offered by a degree in finance. I am a highly motivated, organized, and committed applicant who possesses the passion to become a successful student in your university. By having a strong grasp of knowledge in the world of finance, I aspire to bring significant changes to the ordinary folks whom I will work for them in my career years. 


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