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According to Armstrong & Taylor (2014), Human Resources Management is an essential part of the company, its objective is to create the right method to manage the workforce, to improve organizational capability. Its major concern is people, as Boxall and Purcell (2003 p.1) proclaim that HRM concern with “all those activities associated with the management of employment relationship in the firm”.

HRM puts people as the fundamental core within the organization, which are vital for its success, hence its practices are heavily correlated with the organization’s performances. Staff’ motivation leads to better productivity, therefore HRM creates a set of strategies connected to the organization’s objectives focusing on Human, Resources, and Management as cores. For instance, Harrods had increased employee engagement through HRM practices. Involving employees in a series of strategic changes as organizational structures, leadership, and improved communications. In this process, Harrods identify the importance of employees motivation in boosting productivity. (The Times 100 Business Case Studies)

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HRM focus on having the right staff, delivering practices connected to productivity, and dealing with employees from the recruitment process, training, and development, talent management, performance management, employees’ relations, until performance management. HR must find the best way to manage an individual as a partner and its purpose is to act as a connection between management and employees. Every function and objective are correlates (Societal, Organisational, Functional and Personal Objectives), which can be accomplished by making part of the organization and working closely with employees (Pro-active HR), or outside the organization (Remote HR/Bogged-down HR).

HR specialists are an important tool within the organization, they ensure that every member is aligned to perform effectively, working alongside line managers to reach the organization’s targets. Its role could vary according to the area in which they operate (HR director, HR manager, or HR officer). According to Armstrong and Taylor 2014 p.42 “They can act as a strategist, business partner, innovators, change agents, internal consultants, facilitators, and coaches”. In accomplishing its targets, every department focuses on strategies, objectives, people, performance, and aligning. (Wilkinson and Taylor 2012).

Thereby, HR practice focusing on selection and recruitment, and developing performance management. Involving appraisal, training and development, and rewards in the process. For instance, Uber after several accusations over gender discrimination recognized the importance of HR practices as an important part of rebuilding the firm. Focusing on employees relationship and accurate practices. Uber had started with encouraging complaints, coaching, and training as part of the new process. (Robert J. 2017)

The HR procedures are delivered by line managers essential for the organization’s operation and fundamental for high levels of organizational performances, Purcell et al. (2003) “people managing make the different between conceive policies and practices and putting them in practice”. Line managers are responsible for the day-to-day performances especially in areas relating to managing staff. However, the responsibility between Line managers and HR specialists is a vague creating misperception. Avoidable ifs line managers are properly trained and making clear the organization’s strategic goals, received feedback on performances, and can express an opinion over the organization’s aims and objectives (CIPD, 2014a, p.1).

Is important that Line managers are good leaders. A good relationship between – leader/follower leads to motivation and satisfaction, it can be obtained by controlling the workforce (coaching, support, and empowerment) – good leadership.

The employment relationship is essential in connecting managers and employees. To strength this relationship; communication, participation, consultation, direct involvement, and the Psychological contract are vital. Those can influence positive or negative overall productivity. A negative employment relationship can lead to workers’ strikes. For instance, McDonald’s employees, which go on strike asking for better pays, working conditions (Kollewe & Slawson 2017)

Strategic management focuses on recognizing the organization’s objectives and strategies, without forgetting how it can be accomplished (Thompson and Strickland 1996 p.3). Therefore, its principal aim is to ensure the organization has the skilled, involved, committed, and motivate staff in other to be productive. In a long-term organization’s objectives or day-to-day operations. (Hook et al. 2015 p.123).

Operational strategies refer to how the organization combined its strategies with resources, people, and procedures. (Johnson et al. 2014). The operational and strategic functions are interdependent, which means one can exist without the other one. Operational functions involve the day-to-day procedures, and how the strategies would be done (Procurement, Development, Compensation, Maintenance and motivation, Integration, Industrial Relations). Those activities are implemented by line managers.

On the other hand, strategic HR management involves strategies in long term. It ensures the organization has the capacity and ability to achieve the organization’s strategies (Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling). Those activities are implemented by specialist managers.

In conclusion, HR plays a fundamental role within the organization, every individual is associate with the process. It influences all the processes related to the administration of employment relationships within the organization, linking employer and employees. Its practice can deeply influence the overall organizational performance. In this process, excellent HR practices can impact positive or negative organization performance. 


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