The Road Not Taken: Morals In The Poem

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The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is more than a poem that is choosing between two roads. It is a reflective poem that revolves around the idea that life is full of choices which will define our destinies. The fork in the path symbolises a person’s life and introduces readers to the theme of a life journey.

Frost`s use of extended metaphor grabbed my attention. I was drawn to the idea that the diverging roads represent life. Frost`s decision to take “the one less travelled by” is definitely something to think about. But I did not feel the need to judge his decision, because any path would have made a difference in his life. I valued his optimism and his positive attitude towards his path, and this made me engaged throughout the text. As for me, the poem sends a powerful message of self-respect. It inspired me to face the challenging realities of life and to have the courage to choose the right way, despite adversities. I came to a realisation that every teenager faces a fork in the road at some point in their lives, and the only way to look back on a decision with relief is to truly believe in your choice. This may not be what society thinks is right, or even what my friends and family think is right. However, the most important opinion is what you think is right and taking the path based on your own will is what makes all the difference.

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The poem left me in a dilemma. I questioned myself. Are the two roads the same? I saw Frost, struggling at the start because he declares that the path: “Grassy and wanted to wear” looks better as it appeals more to him, however, changes his mind and acknowledges that both are equal: “Had worn really about the same”. Frost knows one thing. He knows he cannot come back. He knows “How way leads on the way” and that one road will lead to another and another until he ends up too far from the beginning. I was fully in agreement with his stance because everyone has faced the reality of not being able to choose both options. Ultimately, his purpose is to make readers think about making good life decisions and that once a decision is made, we cannot go back. In reality, in any life decision, we leave thinking that we can always come back, and try different routes in another time. What really happens is that our choices lead on to other opportunities and therefore would be impossible to retrace our steps back to the beginning. In the poem, Frost`s approach to his decision is positive; however, in the end, he expresses regret, as he knows he cannot travel the other road. The untaken road represents ‘lost opportunities’ in his life, yet also who he is today.

My understanding of the text helped me to learn important life lessons that are relevant in society. He demonstrates self-respect, courage, faith, and confidence throughout the poem. I admired Frost`s encouraging attitude towards his chosen path, regardless of losing opportunities. Personally, his path ‘the less travelled’ sensibly symbolises a way few have been which implies greater hardships. This aspect made me think about leaders in society and how they motivate us to explore more of the world and go to places we have never been. Here, Frost encouraged me to take my own lead into new directions. Additionally, Frost raises a warning that once a decision is made, it cannot be undone. He hints at teenagers, to be careful when making decisions and making the most of our time. However, wrong decisions can also help individuals to make better decisions which are portrayed by Frost`s reflective tone throughout. This poem left me with a strong and deeper understanding of life choices despite giving me the impression of an ordinary person choosing between two roads. More deeply, Frost talks about meaningful morals and life lessons that I should embrace.  


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