The Role Of Woman In Islam

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Islam is a religion of peace which has elevated women to their esteem and has given them all the rights which men enjoy, such as legal, social, economic, spiritual rights, etc. Islam has given women an honorable life and has lit the light of rights in their lives. Islam abolished all obscure pre-Islamic practices and made paradise under the mother’s feet, guaranteed paradise to a father who raised his daughters with love, ensured paradise to the husband who took care of his wife and made sisters sisters in inheritance. Islam has promised women respect, honor and security sooner and more than any other religion, civilization or restraint. Islam is the only religion that has made woman’s rights equal to mens rights, but equality does not mean that they are the same. Different roles are assigned to men and women, often they are exactly the same and sometimes they differ depending on the biological, physiological, psychological and physical composition. Women in Islam have sought recognition, protection, respect, modesty and are honored for the integrity, prosperity and rights that are due to them. Western discourse on the liberalization of women is not much more than a secret form of exploitation of the body, deprivation of honor and degradation of the soul. In fact, they demoted her to a cohabiting state and implicated women as measuring tools in the hands of sex sellers and pleasure seekers. Due to the negative role of the Western media, woman’s rights in Islam have been presented as subdued. But the rights granted to women in Islam cannot be denied because the West is getting closer to Islam. The following paragraphs will provide a detailed analysis of women. human rights in ancient civilization and the rights of women in Islam and lead to a comparison of the rights of Western women with Islam.

Men and women in Islam are spiritually equal. In Islam, the reward is not given by sex, but by TAQWA and closeness to Allah Almighty. Many Westerners mistakenly believe that paradise (Jannat) is reserved for men and not for women, Only if one of does justice to you, whether you are a man or a woman and have faith, you will surely enter Jannah and no injustice will be done to you. ‘If any of you do good deeds, be a man or a woman and be a believer, we will surely reward him for what he has done and make him lead a good life.’ According to the verses, it is clear that paradise is based on faith and the righteous acts of a person. The spiritual nature of man and woman is the same. ‘We have done them in the right proportion and we have infused our spirit.’ There are certain religions which accuse Eve of having tried Adam to eat the forbidden fruit and that is why they say that humans are born in sin, while Islam rejects this declaration and explains that Adam and Eve are responsible for eating the forbidden fruit, that the two made a mistake and repented and were forgiven. There is not a single verse where Eve (may Allah be pleased with her) is blamed alone. The only criterion for differentiating one human being from another is not gender, caste or nation, but piety, righteousness and TAQWA, ‘Oh, kind human, we created you from a single person. ‘Couple of men and women and we divided them into nations and tribes so that they recognize themselves not to be despised and the most honored in place of Allah is the person who has TAQWA ‘. So, spiritually, men and women are from the same family, and as such have similar rights and duties, ‘I will never waste the work of a worker among you, man or woman, being one of you among another. For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for men. and devoted women, for real men and women, for patient and constant men and women, for humble men and women, for men and women who keep their chastity and modesty, for men and women . The women who keep their irritability and their modesty, for the men and women who devote themselves much to the praises of Allah, for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and reward. ‘

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In Islam, any adult woman, whether married or not, is allowed to own or repudiate property without the permission of another person. In Islam, a woman is financially secure. Before marriage, it is the duty of her father and brother to protect her and after the marriage of her husband and son to take care of her financial aspects, she does not need to work and is financially insured. The financial Burdon is placed on the shoulder of the man. If a woman wants to work, she can work as long as she is within the framework of Islamic sharia, that is to say that she maintains the Hijab and follows the Quran and Hadith. In Islam, there is not a single verse or authentic Hadith which prohibits women from working as long as they follow the Quran and the Hadiths. Certain professions are prohibited in Islam for women, such as body display, p. modeling, playing, dancing, all this is prohibited (Haram). There are many noble professions that women can do, cooking, teaching, etc. In places where women are veiled and where their modesty is protected, they can also become nurses, doctors, but if the Hijab is maintained. In Islam, a woman’s assets and earnings are under her total control and only for her use. Whatever the wife’s wealth, she is not obliged to act as a co-supplier unless she wants to, but no one can force her.


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