Essays on The Scarlet Letter

Scarlet Letter: The Image Of Puritan Society

Puritan society was a strict society that was ruled primarily through religious beliefs. It was largely a man’s world where women were excluded from many societal events. In Puritan society it was believed that the soul had two parts: the immortal masculine half and the mortal feminine half. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne describes...
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Criticism In The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne creatively uses The Scarlet Letter published in eighteen-fifty in order to address and criticize issues that he did not find acceptable. Issues Hawthorne hinted in The Scarlet Letter of the eighteen-fifties that carried from the sixteen-hundreds were of the Puritan society, such as the harshness of the people, the various religious aspects, and...
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Feminism In The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter was written by Nathaniel Hawthorn in 1850 and set in 1650, both time periods were completely dominated by men. Gender equality was an unfathomable concept, yet the Scarlet Letter features a resiliant feminist woman, Hester Prynne. Throughout the novel, Hester looks out for two separate men, she keeps their secrets and reputations...
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