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Narrative Report 

Mrs. A, Mr. B and Mrs. C performed a personality test to figure out their personality traits and to carry out scores that were a necessary part for the jobs these three have applied for. The three individuals were required to fill this requirement by attempting the personality test of TB Five Factor Inventory (TB-FFI) that determines and measures the five personality traits by generating scores and categorizing individual whether an individual is introvert or extrovert or open minded etc. the job procedure also requires that each individual should also attempt the Professional Recruitment Test (PRT) as well. This test measures the set of cognitive abilities that includes Verbal and Numerical ability by generating scores that defines the strong domain of each individual (Kashdan 2009). 

Mr. A attempted TB-FFI personality test and scored 13 points in the factor 1 that indicated that Mr. A fall in the lowest category of Extraversion and tends to be an introvert who remain quiet and occupies a reserve personality and is less talkative. This indicates that Mr. A socializes less in its environment and is open to only closed ones (Raynor 2009). The average position of Mr. A in factor 2 reflects that he is acts averagely in trusting somebody and is co-operative at most of the times (Kashdan 2009). The category 3 is very dominant side of Mr. A which shows that he is very responsible and highly organized and focus towards his work and duties. Neuroticism is very dominant factor of Mr. A that reflects the high tendency of facing negative feelings hence they are more likely pessimists. The low score in the factor of openness relates that he is down to earth and have practical thinking towards the world. The PRT test shows that Mr. A have good communication skills and also have the strong skills of numerical analysis (Raynor 2009). Mr. B also attempted these tests and it was figured out that the domain of agreeableness is very high that tends to be highly energetic and possess extrovert nature. The second feature also falls into the category of high position that ensures the friendly nature of the person and is co-operative. The conscientiousness element in Mr. B is averagely found that indicates the average dedication towards his duty but sometimes also occupies a carefree nature. The factor 4 and 5 are found to be very lower side of the candidate that shows that low score in factor 4 performs best in their duties because they use their thinking instead of emotions but occupies a reserved nature (Raynor 2009). 

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The PRT test shows that he occupies good verbal communication skills with average ability to evaluate numerical analysis (Kashdan 2009). Mr. C has an average nature that indicates that the person is 50 percent introvert and 50 percent extrovert and occupies a very friendly and co-operative nature. Mr. C seems to be less focused towards his duties and is found to be open to only closed ones. Whereas the PRT test shows the average verbal and numerical ability (Wood 2008). Job Analysis The job 1 is about journalist that interacts with the field of journalism. This kind of job includes every day interviewing with the actors, leaders of parties etc. or to with those people who are working or are involved in the field of media. Hence, this field demand one to highly occupy extrovert nature for a good journalist needs to be skillful at the side of speaking and writing (Raynor 2009). This field demands one to have good communication skills that is have strong verbal abilities and should also occupy strong writing skills because this job demands the writing of articles and blogs etc. The field of journalism demands one to have adequate and sound knowledge of almost every field. The candidate must have sound knowledge with the happening of the events around his/her environment or all over the world. As the details shows that company is in search of a candidate who is well updated and have sound knowledge about the fashion trends. This clearly indicates that the individuals who are open minded, extroverts and are bold and strong are eligible to apply (Raynor 2009). 

The second job is for data analyst by a consultant company (Kashdan 2009). Numbers seems to be random for normal people and are of no use in general but these numbers are made essential by the data analyst for them covert these meaningless numbers in to patterns and gave them the meaning (Raynor 2009). This field requires the person to have strong numerical analysis as well have sound analytical analysis. The job of data analyst demands one to be a multi-tasker and should occupy a systematic approach for analyzing the data and to assemble in a significant way. This field requires one to be methodical, imaginative and skeptical in nature to carry out the job peacefully with full concentration, for concentration and focus are the major elements required for being a good data analyst (Raynor 2009). 


The personality tests of the three individuals Mrs. A, Mr. B and Mrs. C shows their strong domains and weak domains that helps an individual to decide which field is suitable for one to work in and will be fit for that field (Wood 2008). The analysis of the personality traits of Mrs. A with the help of TB Five Factor Inventory (TB-FFI) and Professional Recruitment Test (PRT) shows and indicates that she should opt for the job of ‘Data Analyst’. Her traits of introvert, and average friendly and cooperative nature along with high conscientiousness factor indicates that she would be fit for the position of Data Analyst. Whereas her personality occupies a high rate of numerical abilities as indicated by 19 points generated by the assessment of PRT test that highly indicated that Data Analyst job is well suited for her. Similarly, the assessments of Mr. B and the score board indicates that he is best fit for the job of ‘Journalist’ (Wood 2008). Mr. B occupies highly extravert personality trait that the field of journalism requires. For he is very open minded and loves socializing and interaction with other people that is very important for being a journalist. All the personality traits of Mr. B clearly indicate that the field of Journalism is best suited. The job of journalist also best fitted for Mrs. C for her average trait in numerical analysis and low score in factor 3 clearly indicates that she is best fit for this job as for being data analyst one should have a strong focus and should have high analytical skills (Raynor 2009). But the score board generated after the personality tests clearly reflects that the job of journalist is the correct decision. 


An ethical issue can be defined as the issues or problems that necessitates the organization and the individual to opt between the choices that should be necessarily assessed as ethical (Rotgans 2010). Ethical issues in consideration with the children that are found to be at every stage of the research method. Ethics are basically set of rules that may be in the written or un-written form but defines the way of behavior presented by other selves. The main ethical issue being figured out from most of the cases was the misuse of the results by seeking for the protection of the interests that is affected by the research actions. This problem could be solved by seeking the information through the secured platform and with security locks so that there should be no data loss (Magno 2011). The other ethical issue that mostly occurs is the promise of listening to the young children and to consider the perspective of children but this totally lacks. Disagreement from the parents of the children, not allowing the children to be made the subject of the study (Rotgans 2010). In some society’s parents are not only the issue but the children care facility, institutions and leaders creates issue in giving the permission. This issue can be easily dealt by providing the provisional clearance certificate that truly signifies the researcher’s innocent and pure character and by taking the guarantee of the protection of the rights of the children. By assuring them that the time of them will be saved (Rotgans 2010). 

The research is based on activities performed by the children but these should be done during their free time or by making an extra section for these actions (Magno 2011). Intrinsic Value Intrinsic value is defined as the calculated and supposed or observed value of an organization that includes the factors of real or unreal by using fundamental analysis. The intrinsic value can also be called as the “True value” that may or may not remain same all the time with respect to the market value. It is the crucial connotation used in the world of finance. The term “Intrinsic Value “is referred to as the change in between “The market value and the option’s strike price” (Rotgans 2010). This term is mainly applied to bonds, stock market or the entire business. It also takes in to account the assets of the company such as trademarks, copyrights, technology etc. Hence, the term ‘intrinsic value’ can be defined in the single line as “the inherent quality in a good, service, or business that makes it worth something” (Magno 2011). The intrinsic value can be measured with the help of “Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ)” that is an instrument that generates a self-report to evaluate the motivational orientations of the college students (Magno 2011). 

MSLQ consist of fifteen different scales that can be used all together or individually depends on the need. It consists of two different parts one is the motivation part and other is the learning strategies part. The test is being evaluated and is of 20 to 30 minutes after which the score board is generated that lies between the fifteen scales ranging the values creating outcomes (Rotgans 2010). Interpretation of Findings MSLQ test was carried in a secondary school located in Southeast, London with the aim to see the interest of learning the knowledge of physics in adolescents and how it affects their thinking and IQ level. The test was run on eighty-six students among which forty-two were boys and forty-four were girls of the age between thirteen to fourteen years. The findings that were carried out on the assumptions based on theoretical and self-exploratory analysis using the MSLQ that uses the principle of “Varimax rotation” that uses cognitive observation procedures. 

The results extracted from the probability and using the formula of Eigen values explains that the intrinsic value of boys is significantly high in the physics exam as compared to the girls. Another finding that results out from the subscale of the intrinsic scale shows the higher score of girls in the IQ test was observed as compared to the boys. These results interpret that the IQ level of girls is more and physics is the stronger domain of boys and presented the idea that the motivation is a dynamic form that is bounded contextually and the learning techniques can be carried out under the regulator of the students. 


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