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The main purpose of the article is about School Violence. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) violence is “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation”. From this definition, School violence can be defined as an activity that can create a disturbance in an educational system. In other words, any action or activity that can cause psychological harm towards an individual, school and also involve the community. So, the question is what are the causes of school violence and its effects that make this issue occur? This answer will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

First of all, one of the causes regarding this issue is media and entertainment. Nowadays, most media posted about violence. When the students watch too many videos or articles, this will increase their desire for that kind of violence. For example, watch pornographic material on the internet. This proves that technology can lead to school violence.

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Besides, the other causes are due to the family environments. Students that become gangster is because of a family matter. Maybe since childhood, they less spend time with their parents. This is because their parents are too busy with their jobs. For example, often demands that both parents work. This proves that family is very important to prevent school violence

Furthermore, one of the effects of School Violence is creating mental health Concerns. This is because, after the incident of the violence, students will involve in a mental illness that appear in them such as anxiety and depression. When they had a mental illness they are afraid to go to school and cannot think wisely. This proved that this violence can effects one mind.

Apart from that, the other effect regarding School Violence is a decrease in academic performance. This is because when students are distracted by the violence, they are too afraid to communicate with teachers and their friends. This will lead them to be alone. For instance, when they had this problem, they will keep thinking about it until caught to insomnia. The unable to sleep will lower their concentration on their academics especially on a major educational task like testing.

In my opinion, the issue of school violence is very harmful. This is because this action will effects once life which can lead to death. For example, when they are too stress they might think to commit suicide. This will cause trouble to all party especially their parents. I said this because their parents maybe too sad of losing someone important in their life which can lead to depression and maybe they will try to commit suicide too.

In addition, I recommend that councillors in every school should give a talk regarding school violence. This talk, might reduce the case of school violence because the students can open their minds and think rationally regarding too this issue. Besides, the councillor should create a programme regarding school violence. By organizing this activity, the students can compare whether their action is good or not and they should do violence or not.

In a nutshell, parents should be united in preventing school violence so that students can receive a quality education in life. Besides, we should create protective community environments from now on so that students can be protected easily before it is too late because don’t cry over spilt milk.  


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