The Way Twitter Has Changed The World Of News And Media

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“Twitter, initially known as twttr, is an American online news and social networking service which was started in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. It has it’s headquarter in San Francisco, California United States “(Wikipedia, 2019). It is a platform where a user can post and interact with other people through the means of messages or known as “tweets”. The Twitter app was developed for IOS, android and windows. People can download the app and start using it by simply creating the account. “Twitter’s origins lie in a ‘daylong brainstorming session’ held by board members of the podcasting company ODEO” (Wikipedia, 2018). It allows users to communicate through the medium of texts, pictures and videos. “Every second on average, around 5000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter, which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year”(Internet live status, 2018). In this report, we will talk about the Twitter impact on news industry and the effect the application had on the advanced network and the world. To do this we will take a gander at the advancement of Twitter, why it was an earth-shattering application, the computerized angles to it and what employments the application made.


Before the Twitter there were some channels for communications. People used different form of letter pad for sharing instant news. The idea of sharing opinions are also different in the past. People used to gather and share their thoughts and ideas. “The official telling of Twitter’s founding goes like this: Ex-Googler Evan Williams had a startup called ODEO. When Apple launched iTunes podcasting, and made ODEO’s podcasting platform irrelevant, Evan and Biz and an ODEO employee named Jack Dorsey decided to create something called Twitter instead”(Bussinessinsider,2019).”The idea of students of talking and chatting in group result in the development of this platform” (Wikipedia, 2019). The idea of sending short messages in America has contributed to the development of the Twitter platform. A short bunch of consequential information and chirps from birds has led to the name formation “Twitter”. It works on principle of open source application frameworks. The journey from distributing dispatch software to the big startup of Twitter was great. The founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey who was college dropout had made a plan to make this platform and he is successful as well.

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The real-time data updates and the good design, user-friendly app experience of Twitter has helped to gain numerous users day by day. Plan components. Every user can share their real time news updates and be connected to the real world through virtual platform.

“Twitter is a popular tool for many journalists, giving them more power over what they publish and who reads it, though at the same time making their jobs more 24/7”(NEWS.ILLINOIS.EDU,2018). Twitter is assuming a major job in the news nowadays. Presidential hopefuls get inclusion exchanging points through Twitter. Natives’ tweets from the area of a challenge or cataclysmic event can advise and even influence the inclusion. Besides these the news from politics, business, finance, science, technology, health and many more fields gets shared, viewed ad people can shared ideas in a minute. It has removed the traditional way of seeing and transferring news. Today almost every institution and company uses Twitter handle to share their news with the public.

Twitter gives a data refinery to writers and all customers since you can tailor what you finish as opposed to weeding a brush of news every day. Writers like to realize that somebody is perusing their work, and Twitter gives the moment satisfaction of structure a chasing after the globe. Journalists can choose who sees their work, which takes it well past supporters and topographically restricting flow limits.


The advancement of Twitter made various occupations for experienced and imaginative individuals. The occupations were based around the application advancement, the showcasing effort and the organization specialist. Here is a rundown of certain jobs that would have been made for the creation of this application and what the activity involved:

1. Software engineering

A software engineer is needed to continuously fix the problems on their apps and platform. These people have the chance to take a shot at undertakings that touch each part of Twitter

2. Design and research

People with design skills are needed because great design is indispensable for the Twitter user. The job role for this position makes a piece of structure something extraordinary. They investigate all features of Twitter involvement to ensure that Twitter isn’t just fun and simple to utilize, yet that it functions admirably for everybody.

3. Customer support and operation

The person with the knowledge is required to solve customer problems and help to run twitter smoothly.

4. Infrastructure engineering

The group enhances, assembles, and works dependable framework and administrations to efficiently scale the Twitter environment.


Twitter was an innovative application. Not only did it have an impact on how news are spread but also it can shows the individual thinking and behavior. The reason behind twitters success is they knew their target market and what they wanted from person and users on this platform. The real-time data management meant users are able to know and upload the current trends in this platform. Being the platform where you can share your story and thoughts as well as can look what and how other people thinks had made this platform successful. In the whole, it had an impact on every person who was able to share ideas and know others ideas as well.


Overall, Twitter was a great application that took news and media into another level. Many design elements of the application keep their audience engaged and user experience high. Numerous jobs were created when developing the application and still carry on to this day. Essentially, Twitter took a brand, become a great digital product from it. It is really important and it had a lot of impact in the world.


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