Three Main Features Of The City Of Tenochtitlan

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The Aztecs were a powerful society that ruled for close to 80 years . This civilisation was situated in the present day valley of mexico city. Three main features that helped solidify their dominance were there revolutionary way of harvesting called Chinampas there unique agriculture and finally their bustling trade and tradesmen.

One of the most diverse and successful things created by the Aztecs was the Chinampa. The Chinampa was essentially a floating garden , the rafts were anchored in the swamps by thousands of wooden posts that were driven into the lakes bottom to ensure that the chinampas had a sturdy base. Occasionally these stakes would mature into trees . Matting was strung between the posts and clusters of reeds were weighted down with stones and sunk on top of the matting. Mud was taken from the bottom of the lake and applied on top of the reeds until the soil came up over the water level . This occurred every year resulting in the extremely fertile soil . Trees were planted on the edge of the chinampas so that their roots would help hold the soil together, wooden posts were driven into the ground to help hold the chinampas together. The chinampas could be farmed 7 times a year allowing the aztec army to remain strong and fed throughout the year.

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Another key feature of the aztec civilisation was there engineering, the aztecs constructed genius aqueducts and canals that snaked through the city supplying fresh water to potentially 200,000 each day providing with ease. These aqueduct ran for 20 miles then supplied water to fountains which was where the citizens of tenochtitlan would fill clay pots and replenish themselves main. Another engineering achievement of tenochtitlan was there causeways , these causeways were elevated roads that allowed the aztecs to travel above swampy wetlands.

Another strong feature of the city of Tenochtitlan was there trade. There main components of there trade were : Animal products , Precious metals and stones , Food products , Building materials and miscellaneous products such as cochineal live eagles and paper. The aztecs had many control over the entire valley of mexico and they made all tribes who they conquered pay tax which was huge for the as it enrichened them strengthening there ability to trade and conquer elsewhere.

In conclusion all of these features were monumental for the aztec city of tenochtitlan. The chinampas were huge in supplying the aztec population and revolutionising there farming abilities. The engineering in Tenochtitlan was huge in the fact that it made supplying the aztecs fresh water effortless and easy and the causeways allowed transport without having to trudge through swamping marshes and their trade and tax helping rapidly expand their empire.


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