Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima

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As many of us know, a title is something that gives us background information regarding a specific topic. In music, it is the same thing as well. The title Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima means that there was grief, lament, and death for the victims that experienced the Hiroshima incident. Having analyzed the title, I feel that the title is indicative of the feelings that the victims experienced during the Hiroshima incident. Overall, this is how I see the title.

This piece is about how the victims suffered during the Hiroshima incident. It also portrays feelings such as fear, grief, lament, and violence. It is obvious to assume that this piece portrays these feelings because of the high pitches and sounds. In short, this piece is about the pain the victims felt during the Hiroshima incident.

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The appearance of the score reflects the title through the instruments, the sounds the instruments play, and the visual representations. The instruments play different sounds for a certain period of time. In addition to this, there were instruments that were being played individually for a certain period of time. At the bottom of the appearance of the score, it clearly shows how long a certain sound is being played in the notes. The sounds in the animated piece clearly reflects feelings such as fear, grief, lament, and death. The airplane and the people fighting are the visual representations that establish feelings of fear and death. It also reflected the severity of the Hiroshima period. In short, the appearance of the score reflects the title through the instruments, the sounds the instruments play, and the visual representations.

The appearance reflects the music through the timing of the gestures and instruments involved. In some parts of the music, it shows that the violini, viole, violoncelli, and contrabassi are the instruments that play a significant role in the music. It is also important to take the timings at the bottom of the notes into consideration. For example, in the first set of notes, the gestures were initially set for 15 seconds. In some other parts, the other gestures were set from 4 seconds to 6 seconds. Having seen these notes, the appearance shows the types of gestures and the timing of those gestures last for. This shows that music always changes and is transformative. It is a process of evolution and is indicative that there are various combinations of music. Overall, this is how the appearance reflects the music.

The sound reflects the title through the instruments. When the instruments are involved in combinations different sounds come into play. One of the segments that stood out to me was from 2:50-4:45. This segment of music created a sense of fear. However, in this segment, the instruments were played once at a time. The first instrument played in this segment was the Violcilini for 25 seconds. After that, the contrabassi was played for 20 seconds. Following the contrabassi, the violini was played for 20 seconds. Then the violcilini was played again. Looking at this segment, I felt that when the instruments were not played in a combination and were presented solo for some time, I felt that it created a fearful sound. Another segment that stood out to me was 1:09-1:44. This segment stood out because it wasn’t a loud sound. In my opinion, it did not frighten me or created a sense of fear because four instruments were combined to create this sound. Another segment that stood out to me was 9:04-9:37. This segment was unique because it has various visual representations. The visual representations that this segment showed was the airplane and the people fighting. I think these representations were indicative of the Hiroshima incident. Overall, these are the segments that stood out to me. These segments stood out to me due to the sounds and visual representations.

This piece challenges my idea of music. I used to believe that music is soothing and peaceful. However, when I heard this piece, it was unique in the fact that it created a sense of fear, violence, and grief. The way that this piece was portrayed was not only through sounds but also visual representation. This is how the piece is unique. In the past, I defined music appreciation as being able to learn and appreciate various types of music. Having listened to this piece, I appreciated this piece because it is unique and is something new to society. It challenges the idea that music is not soothing and peaceful all the time. Overall, this is how I view this piece.  


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