Uber At Global Level

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The operation of Uber is appreciated in some of the countries whereas there are numerous countries where the operation of Uber is also criticized and also demand for its ban.

USA & Canada – According to Manangi (2017), Uber was performing well in market of USA and Canada but during first half of 2016, the company was under the losses of $1.27 billion as the cost of company was increased because of expansion but the company was not able to make reasonable profit within that period. However, the company gained the market share in USA and Canada in last few months because of which the operational losses have been managed after taking care of global expansion.

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South Africa – The land of South Africa is quite promising for Uber as at this country, the company is growing rapidly and also there is no direct competition existing in South Africa. While talking about any other country, Uber is facing tough competition from their local taxi service provider. However, there are other local taxi service providers, which made extensive campaigned against Uber, for example, Bogata, Colombia’s taxi union raised voice against operation and business practice of Uber as the Uber was eating their market share.

Europe – Manangi (2017), uber was launched its operation in 2011 in Europe and at that time, the local taxi operators made fierce opposition of Uber because according to those local companies, Uber was raising unfair competition in the market and also the company was not operating as per safety rules. Currently, the company’s operation is banned in France, Germany, Italy and Spain whereas Netherlands and Belgium are yet to ban the service of Uber.

Middle East – Uber launched its operation in UAE in 2013 and currently the company is operating in 9 different countries, i.e. Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Manama & Doha. However, the business of Uber grew briskly in Saudi Arabia when the company announced to invest the fund of $3.5 billion in Saudi Arabia. (Manangi, 2017)

India – Uber arrived in India during 2013 to 2015 and during the same period, a local company from India “Ola” started a similar business model and now the Ola is well – funded and tech startup from India is giving tough competition to Uber.

Australia – Uber started its operation in 2012 in Australia and since then the company is growing with no leaps and bounds in Australia because there is no direct competition existing for Uber in Australia.


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