Understanding Of Sexuality

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Sexuality and Sexual orientation

We are either male or female after we are born. This refers to the biological trait such as female having a vagina and male having a penis, it is known as Sex. As we grow, we undergo the stage of self-identification or also known as gender identity. Were we truly start to understand what we like, whom we prefer, and what kind of person we are. This is influenced by our society, culture, biological, psychological, economic, political, and relationships. Unlike sex, our sexuality can be distinguished by our emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual attraction such as mono- sexuality who prefer single-sex either male or female like homo-sexual and hetero-sexual, and pluri-sexuality, who prefer more than one sex like bi-sexual. People describe their sexual orientation and gender identity in many ways. They are also known as Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bi-sexual, and Queer. Some people are able to openly accept themselves whether society would or would not and there are many cases of people not being able to come out in public. Sexuality is related to our minds.

Understanding our sexuality is a very vast and deep subject. This is something that most won’t share openly, especially in a place filled with stereotypical people. I was born and raised in a country where a person is either male or female and those who are different are criticized. Our society builds us in such a way where we can never doubt our sexuality, our anatomy defines who we are. After knowing about sexuality, I could understand that we have to find our true selves if we are not happy with how society has built us. I have been the person sitting on the other side and criticize the people who are different from us and now I realize how wrong I have been. Our sexuality is not a choice but we are born with it. The first thing our society needs is acceptance of how different a person can be and in order to have that, it should start small or start individually. It is always first to something, there was the first gay, first lesbian, and first transgender. If people who felt different, kept their true identity a secret it would have remained a secret. So in order to break the stereotype that society has, people, need to come out in public and let people know how they feel. Like in the case of Bhutan, we haven’t known about sexuality until people came out and made society aware of them and now it’s well known and much more accepted in our society. There is nothing wrong with being emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually attracted towards a person of same-sex or both sex. It is not a disease as considered in the past but it’s how we are truly born as.

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  • Sexuality: It is the way people experience and express themselves sexually. This involves biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual feelings and behaviors.
  • Gender-identity: Describes how and to what degree a person identifies with the continuum of masculinity and femininity or identities outside of the gender binary.
  • Sexual Orientation: is the organization of a person’s eroticism and emotional attachment with reference to the sex and gender of their desired partner, whether a person’s primary attraction is to the opposite sex (heterosexuality), the same sex (homosexuality), or both sexes (bisexuality).
  • Come-out: Process of showing one’s true identity in the public.
  • Anatomy: The scientific study of the Body and how its part is arranged.


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