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As many know, over several years many viewpoints and ways of life are changed or altered to fit the new norms of the present time. The catholic church is a prime example for age old precedents that have since been outdated. The Vatican argues that homosexuality is morally wrong in that it is statistically abnormal, unnatural in God’s eyes, and violates the purpose of sex organs. The Vatican states that homosexuality is one of the upmost sins and goes against a good amount of beliefs in the bible and the rules set by God himself. I believe, however, that all these points can be countered and that the Vatican is incorrect. Now they once might have made sense, but in the world we live in today, these arguments do not apply to the originality and comfort that people strive for these days.

An argument the Vatican makes against homosexuality is that it is statistically abnormal in society and that there are few amounts of people that partake in this type of sexuality. It is quite obvious that there are more people who identify as straight than homosexual, but it does n’ot qualify as an excuse for it being morally wrong. For example, UCLA’s William Institute School of Law states that 4.5% of people in the United States identify as homosexual. This clearly shows the drastic difference in numbers when comparing orientation. This minority statistic also does not all allow for belittling or moral wronging as the Vatican suggests. This day in age not all people follow the mainstream whether they choose not to or they are born to stand out. For example, according to, about 2% of the world has green eyes which is even less than the amount of homosexual identifying people. The United States would have even a smaller percentage of people with green eyes and none of them are going to be discriminated for being statistically abnormal. This adheres to the counter argument that homosexuals should not be considered morally wrong just because they are outnumbered by straight identifying people. These days people strive to be happy and be with who they love even if that makes them unique or stand out.

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The Vatican also argues that homosexuality is unnatural in the viewpoint of God. They pair this reasoning with the point that animals do not participate in homosexual activities. It is argued that God created animals just as humans so we should act similarly. This point can be easily overturned in the fact that humans do not go to animals and the watch their behaviors to decide how we should then act. Another reasoning for why the Vatican’s arguments are merely incorrect is that some species of animals evidently do participate in homosexual behavior. As more research and observations have been conducted on all species of animals, it was found that a handful of animals actually can be homosexual or portray homosexual tendencies. For example, according to BBC, bottlenose dolphins have been known for exhibiting homosexual behavior in both males and females. Another study found that the species of monkey called Japanese macaque display homosexual activity mainly between females. While most of these behaviors and activities are often linked to pleasure rather than the goal of procreation, it is proven that all God’s creations have outgrown the age old “rules” put in for life. Another example found from BBC is how primates engage in homosexual behavior to strengthen bonds within their groups. This observation can be compared to humans in that people who are homosexual are not only trying to find love with people they are attracted to, but when participating in homosexual activities, they also are making the bonds between their partners and them stronger.

The third point that the Vatican uses to argue with is how homosexuality violates the natural principles of sex organs. As stated before in how sexual activity can strengthen relationships whether it being a homosexual couple or a straight couple, the statement still applies. For example, according to a study completed by the University of Florida, they stated how in couples who were engaging sexual activities once or less ever week showed less happiness and satisfaction in their relationship and the less sex correlated to less happiness. This shows how a healthy sexual relationship can be good for stability between partners; which includes homosexual couples as well. While the Vatican states that homosexual activities and other activities, that includes oral sex which straight couples also partake in, is violating the purpose of sex organs, it actually is important and benefits relationships even though it only involves pleasure and not procreation. It is known that straight couples who have had kids still participate in oral sex which proves that it is not only homosexuality that would be considered morally wrong according to the Vatican. Now the argument that it is not what God intended can also be proven wrong. For example, according to Galatians 3:23-29 in the Bible, “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” This bible verse suggests that genders are unseen and love is love. It does not matter to God that you are attracted to a man or a woman because he still loves you unconditionally. If the Vatican’s argument was correct, that homosexuality violates God’s purpose of sex organs to procreate then naturally God would not love homosexuals, but that is incorrect.

Viewpoints and normality changes as years go on so as the Vatican arguments might have once stood to be true, it is now proven false across many boards. This can also be said for the verses in the bible that degrade homosexuals, where people back in the day when the bible was created, did not have the same knowledge that we do now of acceptance and love. This being said, the Vatican’s arguments that homosexuality is morally wrong based on the statements that it is statistically abnormal, unnatural, and violates the purpose of sex organs have been shown to be wrong based on my research and the growth the world has executed.   


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