Who Moved My Cheese?: Book Review

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“Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr Spencer Johnson is a book about an amazing way to deal with change in your life. Two main attractive things about this book was the title and it offered food for thought. Also, this book is really little as it only have 96 pages.

Change– Every individual has a different approach towards change . While some sit back blame God their luck; some simply refuse to adapt the change . But there are others who are always ready to accept the chanes and are quick on their feet make the most of the change.

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The book begins with A Gathering of several former schoolmates .They have conversation about work and relationships. Everyone was trying to deal with the unexpected changes happening in recent years. And most of them admitted that they didn’t know an honest thanks to handle them. that’s when, Michael, narrated to them this story.

This story is about four characters- two mice named Sniff and Scurry, and two “Littlepeople” named Hem and Haw who lived in a maze and searching for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a metaphor for what one wants in life- a job, healthy life, a good relationship or money. And maze is where one looks for the cheese- workplace, family or community.

The mice with their simple brain and good instincts and the Littlepeople with their complex brains, filled with many emotions, searched for cheese everyday.

They found cheese once. After that mice showed same dash and enthusiasm everyday while littlepeople became lazy and started ignoring the consequences.

One of the little people Haw made writings on the wall of the maze. That writings makes one easily understand how change affects one’s life.

Having Cheese causes you to Happy

If you are doing Not Change, you’ll Become Extinct

Smell The Cheese Often So you recognize When It’s Getting Old

Movement during a New Direction Helps you discover New Cheese

The Quicker You abandoning Of The Old Cheese, the earlier you discover New Cheese

It Is Safer to look within the Maze Than Remain during a Cheeseless Situation

Noticing Small Changes Early Helps You Adapt To the larger Changes That Are to return 

Move With The Cheese and luxuriate in It

This book transformes one’s outlook to vary and with this new attitude, success in today’s changing times .This book is for everyone irrespective of age, gender and caste. This book have simple language and effortless flow but that’s precisely the sweetness of this book. It makes one understand things and helps in transforming one’s attitude towards change


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