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Prewriting is the first writing process. It is about brainstorming before writing an essay. The prewriting technique helps writers develop clear reasoning. It helps writers find weak points in arguments. It is used before writing your first draft. Prewriting has different techniques, which I have tried and found all to be really helpful and useful. Each of the techniques has it usefulness and important. I tried free writing technique for writing a narrative essay. It was really fun because i was able to jot down what came in my mind since a narrative essay is all about narrating and describing an event. I always use the question asking and idea mapping technique. The question asking technique can be used in all kind of essay. You ask yourself certain questions like-who am I writing to? What is my purpose? etc. I am new o listing technique. Though the listing technique is like idea mapping, idea mapping is more broad. Listing technique you just list out certain details but idea mapping lets you create subtopics to your topic and narrow down ideas. I prefer idea mapping technique to listing technique.

Idea mapping also called clustering is a powerful whole brained visual thinking tool that enhances memory, through organization, planning, creativity and communication. It is a technique used for planning and organizing thought and ideas. Clustering and idea mapping allows you narrow focus of the topic. It allows you break up the topic to subtopic or more specific point. Subtopics help writer select one that fits the essay and appeals the writer and audience. It allowed me construct my essay well and presentable in a way my audience understands. Idea mapping also allows writers discover interesting connections between topic.

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Furthermore, Idea mapping helps writers decide the best way to deliver or present a point. Idea mapping is also similar to free writing. Instead of writing down sentences, you are jotting down ideas and showing connections. It can be transformed into a visual from outlining. Idea mapping technique can be used in different kind of essay but mostly argumentative essay. Since this technique is a wonderful way to make connections, it discovers hidden aspects of a topic. This technique coaches writers into thinking about how the first draft will be organize. It allows you build up and organize your essay. It lets you provide details to see how to add to your essay or argument. I would also use this technique when writing a persuasive essay, because it allows me to narrow focus from the topic, give details and ideas to my essay. Idea mapping was useful for this assignment because it allowed me narrow focus from my topic and also helped me know how to add certain details to my essay.

Additionally, idea mapping allowed me to explore the relationships between ideas. I was able to distinguish how ideas fit together. I was able to see my ideas visually in a different way and link them together, which created an understanding about possible directions. Also while using this technique, I had to use the “asking questions” technique, because before you narrow down those ideas from you topic you have to have questions in particular before writing down or listing out the ideas. Idea mapping technique not only allowed me to focus on my topic for idea generation but it also allowed me to take inventory of my ideas. It lets me develop ideas in context with one another, to see the structure i might use.

Although idea mapping has a lot of advantages and I would use it for some essays, it also has some disadvantages. Idea mapping can let you draw out multitude and ideas, if it is not carefully constructed it can cause confusion. Idea mapping takes a lot of time because you have to be careful and be able to provide details and informations that link each other and has a connection. If a writer lose focus to create ideas from the topic, the essay

then won’t be presentable and would lack lot of detail. I wouldn’t use this to write a narrative or descriptive essay. I would rather use the asking question technique or freewriting technique to write a narrative essay.

In conclusion, after trying all the techniques, I find question asking technique to be really useful. The asking question technique allows writers explore the problem not just the topic. The technique was the most useful because in order to present or develop an essay, i was not only involving myself while writing but i was also able to involve my audience and readers. Question asking allows writers to get myself started on writing especially when one have no idea where to start from. To develop a perspective on a subject, you ask questions. A lot of great essay topics and essays come out of a question. Though i really enjoyed all the technique, i find freewriting technique to be the most fun because i was just jotting down whatever comes to my mind. I was writing down experience, memories etc. The free writing technique is mostly used to narrate things like best holiday, favourite food etc, In freewriting, i was able to jot down unforgettable memories, emotions etc.Freewriting technique is fast and saves time. After trying the four techniques, I came to a conclusion that my topic for this assignment should be “importance of prewriting technique” because throughout my essay i wrote about my experience with each prewriting technique and how each technique has its importance. My current working statement thesis is “All prewriting technique has its own importance and usefulness. Different prewriting technique can be use for different essays and how to construct details and ideas. It has been said that before you develop an essay, one has to brainstorm because it can improve the quality of the essay.”          


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