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This note is designed to help you write the Analytical and Evaluative Paragraphs of Coursework 1 (Criteria 3 and 4) which combined account for 55% of your mark for this assignment (11/20 marks).

First, choose three advantages of a more free market economy. You should select these points from my suggestions (see PowerPoint in Canvas for this topic) or from those suggested in the mark guidance which you have been given.

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For example, my three points could be:

  1. Workers have incentive to better themselves: In FMEs like the US people have an incentive to get educated and trained so they can earn more.
  2. Promotes competition between firms: This also encourages efficiency in the use of resources as well as lower prices of goods and services to consumers.
  3. Less waste in the economy: Goods which are being demanded by consumers will be produced and those that are not in demand will be dropped.

Having chosen your three points, you now need to construct three paragraphs each of which first identifies the point, then explains it, then supports it with evidence relating to the country you have chosen. You are recommended to write about 350 words for this section of the coursework, so each paragraph should be about 117 words long.

Taking the third point above as an example you might write:

A final advantage of a free market economy is less waste in the economy. With the price mechanism allocating resources only goods which are being demanded by consumers will be produced and those that are not will be dropped. With profit-motivated Russian suppliers responding to changes in consumer demand from the 1990s onwards there was a decrease in the production of unwanted output, reducing wasteful surpluses of goods like farming machinery. Before transition Russia was infamous for shortages of consumer goods leading to queues to ration products for which output was insufficient and also for surpluses where products were overproduced. Increasing the availability of consumer goods was one of the aims of the economic reforms introduced by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.


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