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I believe that teens using tobacco is not good and it is severing to their life. If they start using tobacco young and if that becomes a habit it can affect their whole life. About 28 percent of high school student use cigarette. Once they start using tobacco it could be difficult to stop. They should ban or make tobacco harder to obtain.

Teens who us tobacco are making a lifechanging action. Smoking at a young age is dangerous because they can get an illness that can last their whole life. They would have health problem such as decreased physical fitness, potential retardation in the rate of lung growth and the level of maximum lung function. If this continues about 6.4 million children will die from a smoking related disease.

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Parents should guide their teens to not always follow their idol or influencer because their idol or influencer could make them happy and entertained but also, show bad habit such as using tobacco because If they think that it is ok, then they will try to smoke just like them. I think children should have more activities to do. If they have more entertaining activities to do, they will not have enough time to try tobacco. They should know not to spend their money on tobacco but to use it for emergencies or their pleasure like gaming, shopping, new phone etc. I feel that parent, teachers, and care taker etc. should check to see if their teen or child is using tobacco and if so help stop them.

I wish that stores who sell tobacco would make it harder to acquire tobacco for example make it cost more or have a certain permission to get one. They should have a test, a certain an ID requirement and a house check to see if this is safe for that person or it could go to the wrong hands such as their child.

Cigarette advertisements tend to emphasize youthful strength and independence. This could influence a teen to use tobacco, so he can be strong and independent but really it is not. Tobacco use as a teen is related with a range of health behaviors including being involved in fights, carrying weapons, using alcohol and other drugs.

Adult who started smoking in their teens have a trouble time quitting. People who report that they have smoked over 100 of cigarette say that they cannot stop because it is addicting. Cigarette is a big problem not only with health but also financial. Smokers pay a lot of money to get a pack of cigarettes and it is gone in no time, so they constantly buy one. This can have a problem with their bills, getting into college, saving for a house etc.

Cigarettes could affect the user a lot. If they smoke around their family or friend, and they breath the smoke in that is consider second hand smoking which is just as bad. It could affect their physical ability to do sport such as soccer, football wrestling etc. Smoking could also have a big impact on job interviews. Using tobacco could also be a gate way for other drugs.

In conclusion I think that teens should not use tobacco whether it is under peer pressure, boost in self confidence or it is cool. Smoking could affect their health, school, jobs and their money or worse death. Teens who smoke have high chance of have a respiratory illness such as lung cancer and asthma. Approximately 440,000 Americans die each year caused by smoking diseases. I do not want anybody to smoke at all because it will be a bad decision and it could be life changing.  


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