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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Writix plagiarism check take?

It depends on the length of the text, how many pages/characters it has. The longer essay is, the longer the check will take. Approximately, similarity checker will need 10 minutes to scan the text of an average length. If the document has more than 25,000 words, check will last longer. You can check in one try 19900 characters (all this character count is available also – 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 10000). But you always can do several checks.

Will the results be the same as the results of the check used at my school?

Our checker provides a report that is similar to one by university plagiarism checker. Usually, universities have separate databases that cannot be accessed by our tool and compared with your paper. However, many of these documents are open to the public so the plagiarism report will be pretty accurate.

What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

Everything depends on the policies of your school and requirements from professor. Usually, it is not accepted at any percentage. However, some teachers tolerate the plagiarism level in the text if it is not higher than 15%. But it cannot be a whole passage copied and pasted in your essay.

How to read the plagiarism result?

Our free online plagiarism checker with percentage provides a report that shows the level of similarity in text. If sentences are highlighted in red, it means they are plagiarized. Text matches section shows the sources that have text similar to yours. It gives an opportunity to edit the needed parts and reduce similarity.

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Free & Reliable Plagiarism Checker in the UK

All British university students risk getting plagiarism issues when conducting research or even summarizing an already existing article for a paper.

Plagiarism is a severe violation of copyright and academic dishonesty.

However, aiming for scientific research, it’s not always easy to achieve a healthy balance between personal ideas and obligatory references. Plagiarism checker in the UK allows students to check the content of their essays, research papers and find out if there’s an issue. This text scanner offers not only a detailed analysis of similarities but also helps students shape their style, focusing on writing mechanics.

What Online Plagiarism Checker is Capable of

Our specialists have spent days being busy with the code and focused on making it easy for students to review an essay before submission. The tool works very quickly and requires only a few simple steps:

  • Choose Preferred Assignment Style. Unlike similar services, our checker allows focusing on specific paper types.
    – It may be just a basic essay which will be evaluated using the most common terms or website content, which focuses on more specific terms and databases.
    – Additionally, there is a resume check, which helps to see if similar text can be met anywhere else.
    – Next, there is the “other” option, which stands for anything that does not fit within general category.
  • Paste Your Title. Including a full essay title is crucial because our system scans database entries and webpages. Usually, this is what most professors look out for such an additional check won’t be spare.
  • Insert Essay or Upload Your Document. Check for plagiarism by simply pasting a text or dropping your document. Acceptable file formats are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), basic .txt format, .rtf or .odt.
  • Submit Your Writing. Once ready, click on “Check my essay” button to let our system start with the analysis. It takes a few minutes, especially when there are many pages of text. As the progress bar reaches the end, uniqueness percentage result appears. If there is any trouble, you’ll see text matches that will include the sources (web links) and similarity index.
    Clicking on “View in the Text” link will show similarities highlighted in red.
    If there are more matches, clicking “Show All Matches” will reveal all sources that contain copied text. At this stage, one can do essay editing or check another assignment.

Why Our Plagiarism Checker Wins?

Our software developers worked very hard in order to improve our tool. All users’ feedback was taken into consideration that resulted in many benefits:

Customized for different essay types. Considering the fact that there are dozens of homework tasks, we have adjusted our plagiarism detection for the most popular assignments. Our tool ensures that your paper is original and has no issues with the content.

FREE plagiarism checker for students. There is no need to register or make payments of any kind while working with our scanner. Moreover, it does not include ads or distracting pop-up windows of any kind. As your paper is scanned through databases, it isn’t stored anywhere. Yet, what is even more crucial is an unlimited number of tries, which means that you can copy and paste as much as necessary. Edit risky content right away, make relevant changes, and click Check button again!

Detailed evaluation. No plagiarism analysis would be complete without a result, which is exactly what we offer. Due to high-quality scanning, we rely upon the final result by highlighting not only particular sentences or word combinations but also providing links to related sources. It helps reveal possible citation errors.

Internal access to specific databases. Priding ourselves as the best plagiarism checker in the UK, we have access to scientific journals, databases, publishing archives, and web entries that are specific to British subject papers. It ensures high-quality of similarity analysis!

Can Plagiarism Be Avoided?

Plagiarism has always been an issue among students and teachers. this problem influenced the appearance of many services that provide plagiarism checkers, like Turnitin, Grammarly or PlagScan. These were the first plagiarism tools that emerged on the Internet and that is why they are so famous. But are they as good? We may not know it, but we can for sure say that our plagiarism checker was developed and launched by a team of the best computational linguists and subject matter experts. It is the most updated and innovative tool you can find.

There are always possible risks of being accused of copyright violation. Using our free plagiarism checker in the UK, students may paste or upload their papers and scan them through our best service, which won’t take more than a minute. Just like editing or structuring the title or bibliography page, every student must go through plagiarism scan since it is fast, free, and easy. Guard your academic future and nerves, confidence in a good grade is just a few clicks away!


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